Andy Cohen says he will give his remaining embryos to his two children

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Andy Cohen has spoken candidly about his two children and how he has considered donating his “embryos” to them when they get older.

The 54-year-old television host discussed his three-year-old son, Benjamin, and five-week-old daughter, Lucy, during an appearance on Sirius XM’s Jeff Lewis Live, acknowledging he could ultimately give his children his embryos.

He said that as he has about “three” embryos left, he’s considered saving them for Benjamin and Lucy, just in case they have problems when starting a family.

“You know what I’m thinking, this is crazy, but if either of them cannot have kids, maybe in 20 years they’ll defrost their sibling and raise them as a child,” he explained. “Is that a weird thought?”

The single father also said that while Ben and Lucy weren’t born through the same surrogate mother, they’re still “biological siblings”.

Elsewhere in the interview, Cohen joked that while Benjamin loves his little sister, “he’s trying to kill her” because he’s “jealous” of her. However, the Watch What Happens Live host then added he’s spending more time with his son to make up for the change in family dynamics.

“The crazy thing is, by design, I am spending so much time with him,” he continued. “Because, by the way, she doesn’t know what’s happening.”

“I sit with her for a few hours a day and I’m like ‘Just smell me. Hear my voice. This is me. I’m your dad,’” he added. “But [with Benjamin], I’m really in there with him and I don’t know if it’s really registering how much time I’m spending with him.”

Cohen announced the birth of his second child last April in an Instagram post, which featured a picture of him smiling at the camera as he held his daughter.

“HERE’S LUCY!!!!! Meet my daughter, Lucy Eve Cohen! She’s 8 pounds 13 oz and was born at 5:13 pm in New York City!!!” he wrote in the caption.

“Her big brother can’t wait to meet her!” he continued. “Thank you to my rock star surrogate (ALL surrogates are rockstars, by the way) and everyone who helped make this miracle happen. I’m so happy.”

The Real Housewives producer has previously opened up about the meaning of Lucy’s name, as it pays homage to his parents. During an episode of Watch What Happens Live last May, he explained that Louis was a “big name” in his family, as two of his great-grandfathers and his father have all been named Louis, which is how he got the name Lucy.

As for his daughter’s middle name, Cohen said that the name Eve was inspired by his mother, who is named Evelyn.

During the episode, he also expressed his gratitude for the surrogate who carried and gave birth to his daughter.

“I didn’t do this on my own, I have to once again thank my incredible surrogate. What a partner and friend she has been to me,” he said, before revealing that she was sitting in the front row of his show, tapped before Lucy was born.

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