Andy Cohen made an appearance on 'Riverdale' and no one was impressed

Kylie Mar
Host & Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Andy Cohen left the clubhouse this week to pop into Riverdale and provide a celebrity endorsement for Hermione Lodge’s run for mayor. Yes, this really happened.

On the latest episode, “Chapter Twenty-Nine: Primary Colors,” fans were surprised when Hal Cooper introduced a special celebrity endorsement by the Bravolebrity. Veronica Lodge told Hal, “I’m excited to show Riverdale that she’s more than just a housewife.” Hal then announced, “Speaking of housewives, we have a very special guest — Bravo’s very own Andy Cohen.” Hal asked Cohen what had brought him to Riverdale, and Cohen answered: “I’m here to endorse my great friend Hermione Lodge. She’s a very savvy businesswoman. She’s always three steps ahead of everyone around her. She’s a fighter, too. She doesn’t give up. I’d love to have her in my corner.”

Almost immediately after his appearance, Riverdale viewers took to Twitter totally throwin’ shade

No news as to whether Cohen will develop a Real Housewives of Riverdale spinoff, but we’re guessing it’s not likely because, you know, Riverdale is a little too dramatic.

Riverdale airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

Check out Adam Rippon describing the rooms and condoms at the Olympic Village to Andy Cohen:

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