Andy Cohen is 'begging' Joy Behar to write a tell-all memoir

Joy Behar would has hinted that she would hold anything back if she wrote a memoir.

The 81-year-old TV star was an original panelist on ABC talk show 'The View' when it launched in 1997 and is still on the show today and revealed that 'Real Housewives' producer Andy Cohen is "begging" her to write a tell-all book based on her many years of interviewing celebrities.

Speaking on the 'Behind the Table' podcast, she said: "Andy Cohen is on his knees begging me to do a book. Remember that book 'You’ll Never Eat Lunch In This Town Again'? The girl writes a book and talks about things like … one movie star has B.O., another one has bad breath. And then she can’t…'You’ll Never Eat Lunch In This Town Again' is a good title for the book. Do you think I’d be on the show for 27 years if I did not hold something back?"

Joy was let go from 'The View' in 2013 but returned to the show a year later and alleged at the time that "someone" on the production wanted her gone because of her political views as she claimed that that the decision to leave was not entirely her choice.

She said: "Somebody wanted me gone. was not 100 percent my choice. When they told me they weren’t renewing, I said, ‘Good, I’m out of here.’

"I didn’t like the way the show was going at that time. The way I heard it, and I don’t know what’s true because you never know, they got rid of a Republican, so they wanted to get rid of a Democrat. That’s not the first time I’ve been fired for my politics. So I wasn’t shocked at that analysis!"