Andy Cohen amusingly reveals to Hillary Clinton he had ‘wonderful liaison’ with her secret service agent

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Andy Cohen amusingly reveals to Hillary Clinton he had ‘wonderful liaison’ with her secret service agent

Hillary Clinton was left both shocked and amused after Andy Cohen revealed that he had a “wonderful liaison” with one of her secret service agents when she was first lady.

The Watch What Happens Live host, 54, made the surprising claim during Thursday’s episode, which saw him sit down with the former secretary of state and her daughter, Chelsea Clinton.

“I do have to say, every time I see you, Secretary Clinton, I think I had a wonderful liaison with one of your secret service agents in the 90s,” Cohen told Clinton at the start of the episode, according to Yahoo. The Bravo host then added: “When you were first lady.”

The former presidential candidate, who was first lady from 1993 to 2001 during her husband Bill Clinton’s presidency, appeared taken aback by the news, with Clinton opening her mouth wide in shock.

The admission was also met with surprise from Chelsea, who responded: “You did?!”

After a moment, Clinton proceeded to discourage Cohen from sharing additional details, with the politician stating: “TMI! TMI!”

While Cohen did not disclose any information about the secret service agent in question, he did note that the agent had only positive things to say about the Clintons.

“He had wonderful things to say about your entire family,” Cohen continued. “And I have wonderful things to say about him!”

During Thursday’s appearance, the mother-daughter duo, who were on WWHL to promote their new TV show, Gutsy, discussed a number of topics, ranging from politics to what the former first lady would ask celebrities such as Harry Styles and Beyoncé. According to Clinton, she would ask Styles about his style, while she would ask Beyoncé: “How do you remain amazing all the time?”

As for what she would ask Mark Zuckerberg, Clinton said she would question whether he would allow his children on Facebook, while the former senator was curious if Cher would know the answer to whether there is “still life after love?”

When prompted to share what she would ask Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Clinton said: “Don’t you want to retire?”