Andrew Luck's facial hair is also attempting a comeback

Blake Schuster
Yahoo Sports Contributor

It’s going to take a while to get used to seeing Andrew Luck out in public and doing football activities, so if it seems like there’s an over exaggeration in what is considered ‘newsworthy’ surrounding the Indianapolis Colts’ quarterback, it’s quite understandable.

With that being said, look at this mustache on Luck!

( via Matt Kryger/IndyStar)

To call it Aaron Rodgers-ish might be doing a disservice to the people of Green Bay. This is pure Luck right here. The quarterback, being true to himself, is somehow pulling it off and, well, not pulling it off at all.

But that shouldn’t be a surprise anymore. Andrew Luck versus facial hair has long been one of football’s best rivalries.

Back when he was at Stanford, Luck tried pulling off the scruffy look. Notice no hint of a mustache here. He wasn’t going to try and rush something this magnificent.


(Getty Images)

Then came the neck beard. A look only Luck could pull off — even if he really couldn’t. The Colts rode that wonderful monstrosity all the way to the AFC championship game in 2015. Although that game would deflate their season-long high (sorry, sorry), it didn’t stop Indianapolis from getting into the beard spirit.

The IndyStar launched a feature that allowed fans to download their own neck beard to support the team. Because football.


Luck rocking the neck beard before the deflate-gate game in 2015 (AP Photo)

Which brings us to Sunday’s development: the mustache. The latest chapter in an epic battle between Luck and his ability to cover his face in hair. It may not be perfect — it is most certainly not perfect — but its presence can’t be denied.

When Rodgers debuted his lip lettuce at training camp last year, it didn’t exactly pan out for the Packers. Green Bay finished 7-9, missing the playoffs and losing their franchise quarterback in Week 6 with a broken collarbone.

What does this mean for the Colts? Absolutely nothing, of course. But after the development of Luck’s ridiculous abs, there was no way this masterpiece of a mustache was allowed to go unnoticed.

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