'Anaconda-sized meals': This NYC restaurant serves 8-foot-long pizzas

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Some people insist that they could eat Pizza 24 hours a day. Then some demand that you have only one slice a day, but this is the place for you if you're of the latter variety.

Diner's the pizza destination

Pizza perfectionists will love this restaurant. This well-lit and tastefully designed place offers sorts of piping hot, thin-crust, Sicilian meat pizza. And these delicacies come with every conceivable combination of toppings, two oven pizzas, and house-your-own parmesan crust.

Critics' delight

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If we can trust the critics, BigA NYC in New York City truly meets the expectation of their slogan of 'modern-day American greatness'. At the moment, the restaurant has started accepting reservations up to 12 months in advance, which takes the word 'big' to an unimaginably large setting.

This well-known diner caters to a broad menu of personal-sized Pizza, takeout pizzas, kinds of pasta, and more miniature pies. But this establishment also specialises in serving their most famous culinary skill: an eight-feet long Pizza masterpiece that needs two servers to help carry to the main table!

A once-in-a-lifetime PIZZA

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The diner recommends sharing one of these anaconda-sized servings, which arrive loaded with various additives, between 10 and 12 individuals. Even so, if you want to try your adventurous side, there's no reason you can't do it with fewer participants.

The mission, after all, is just a means to get into the hearts and minds of the customers; and making their social media profile. Therefore, the customers' use of BigA's picture encourages loyal and unloyal people to share and uninterested individuals to like and follow the brand.