Amy Winehouse's legacy 'should focus on her achievements'

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Amy Winehouse credit:Bang Showbiz
Amy Winehouse credit:Bang Showbiz

Amy Winehouse's dad Mitch is determined to remember the "amazing things about Amy’s life".

The award-winning star died of alcohol poisoning on July 23, 2011, at the age of 27 - but Mitch insists he wants his daughter to be remembered for her successes, rather than her off-stage troubles.

Speaking as friends and family prepare to gather in London to mark the anniversary of Amy's death, he explained: "There will be tears, without a doubt.

"Every year is difficult but of course ten years on brings attention - which I understand but it brings it all back too. It’s hard to avoid being upset. In many ways we will never get over it, however long passes.

"But shortly afterwards, we will head somewhere for a meal and our focus will be on the amazing things about Amy’s life - her talent, her generosity and the love she showed us all.

"That’s become my mission, to make sure people think of Amy for all she gave the world and those around her, not just for her troubles with addiction.

"Of course we remember the big career highs, the awards, but my favourite memories are the smaller, more personal moments we shared."

Mitch still misses his daughter and is determined to continue her legacy through a charity set up in her name that educates school-children about the dangers of substance abuse.

He told The Sun newspaper: "Amy’s mum Janis and I manage her estate, and yes of course her music still makes a lot of money, what she did has set her whole family up. The thing is, though, and I can’t say this clearly enough, I would give back every penny just to have my daughter back.

"Ten years after her death, she is still looking after her loved ones - her family and many of her friends have been supported by her - and that’s typical of her. She was generous in life and in many ways she still is now.

"That’s why as soon as she died there had to be a charity in her name - it’s what she believed in and she would be so proud of what has been achieved with it, as we are of her."

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