Amy Schumer has given up crime shows since becoming a mum

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  • Amy Schumer
    Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer no longer watches gruesome crime shows as she can't bear the violence since becoming a mother.

The comedian and actress has long been a devotee of police procedurals - and for a long time, she couldn't get enough of shows that depicted the most brutal crimes.

However, since the arrival of her son, Gene, in May 2019, she's totally changed her viewing habits - as she can no longer cope with watching suffering on-screen.

"I watched all murder before Gene, loved all murder shows, murder rape shows, murder rape podcasts," Amy told The Guardian. "Top of the Lake, Happy Valley, just give it to me, give it to me. And then now, I'm like: nope, no thank you. I just can't do it, I cannot do it any more."

The Trainwreck actress also admitted that becoming a mum has taken some getting used to - as it's made her think about her relationship with her own parents, and how she'll eventually go through the same things as them with Gene.

"Your parents have such a hold on you and they are your whole world, and then you become a teenager and you move out at 18, hopefully, and I think it must just kill them that you don't need them in this way," she shared. "Like, I'm an adult now and you're like: I wiped your a*s for so long."

The 40-year-old star married Gene's dad, chef Chris Fischer, back in 2018.

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