Amy Childs reveals 'hardworking' daughter Polly, 7, has been diagnosed with dyslexia

TOWIE star Amy Childs has revealed that her daughter Polly, seven, has been diagnosed with dyslexia. According to the NHS, the common learning difficulty mainly causes problems with reading, writing, and spelling. The TOWIE star, 34, who also has dyslexia, took to Instagram to share the update, posting an image of her daughter in her school uniform.

She wrote: "My Polly… So we got the news last week that Polly is dyslexic..! I got diagnosed with dyslexia when I was 4! The struggles that I went through day to day, struggling with schoolwork, finding it hard to read, it was really tough. I failed every single GCSE, but I tried my hardest always."

Amy Childs daughter Polly in her school uniform
Amy Childs revealed her daughter Polly has been diagnosed with Dyslexia -Credit:Instagram/amychilds1990
Amy Childs and partner Billy Delbosq with her daughter Polly
Amy Childs and partner Billy Delbosq with her daughter Polly -Credit:Jeff Spicer/Getty Images for Disney

Amy then went on to speak about some of the positive traits she developed as a result of working hard, despite her difficulties. She said: "I was confident, I could go into a room and speak to anyone, I had amazing manners, and I became head girl at school. Just because having a diagnosis doesn’t mean you can’t achieve what you want in life. I just want to say, Polly, you are the most amazing, beautiful girl. You are hard-working, you are kind, and the loveliest girl. I am so bloody proud of you, Polly. You really are the most special girl in the world."

Amy previously spoke out about her own struggles at school and how she overcame these to become a businesswoman. She told Healthy Magazine: "I was (and still am) severely dyslexic so I found school hard. Weirdly, I was really good at French but everything else was a struggle I’m lucky though because I was always really confident, and because I had such a passion for beauty and fashion, I knew I’d find a way to make a career in those industries.

"My old headmaster said I’d be successful because I was confident, but also very polite. My first job was at a beauty salon and I loved it from day one. My dad’s a market trader – he’s a loud, cheeky character – and my mum is really talkative, too, so anywhere I can have a chat, I’m happy!"

Amy Childs with three young kids and partner on holiday
Amy Childs with daughter Polly and her twins Billy and Amelia who she shares with Billy Delbosq -Credit:Instagram/amychilds1990
Amy Childs with her two daughters
The mum has had her own challenges with dyslexia -Credit:Instagram/amychilds1990

Amy, has four children, two from previous partners and two with her fiance Billy Delbosq. She welcomed her first child, daughter Polly, in 2017 with former boyfriend Bradley Wright. Amy then gave birth to Ritchie in 2018, but little is known about his father. She then welcomed twins, Billy and Amelia with her partner Billy Delbosq, born in 2023.

The star is reported to be worth an impressive £5million. Much of Amy’s wealth comes from fashion and beauty collaborations, with the profits later invested into an impressive property portfolio that saw her buy up huge chunks of Brentwood, Essex to ensure the security of her investment.

Alongside her property purchases, Amy also earned a fair amount of money from the sales of her fitness DVD, Fit in 30 Days, and from her now defunct beauty salon, which sadly closed down in 2021.