Amy Childs expecting twins

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Amy Childs is expecting twins with her boyfriend Billy Debosq.

The TOWIE star announced that she is expecting twins in April 2023 during an interview with OK! magazine on Monday.

"I'm still in shock," said Amy, who is 15 weeks pregnant. "I promise you now, I didn't want any more children. When I met Bill I thought, 'Do you know what, I'll have one more.' We are so excited - it's going to be absolutely amazing."

Recalling how she reacted to finding out she is carrying twins, Amy added, "I feel like I'm still in shock - massively in shock. When they said it was twins, I wish we'd videoed it. My face was an absolute picture."

The 32-year-old is already mother to daughter Polly, five, and four-year-old son Ritchie Jr. from previous relationships.

The reality star began dating Billy in July last year. They briefly split earlier this year after it emerged that the businessman had taken another woman's number, however, they insist they're now stronger than ever and a proposal may soon be on the cards.

"Bill’s not proposed, but I think it’s got to happen soon. I genuinely feel like I need a ring," Amy stated, to which he replied, "It’s going to happen, 100 per cent, but it’ll happen at the right time and I want it to be when you least expect it."

Amy also teased that the babies may make "a little appearance" on TOWIE next year.