Amelia Gray Hamlin borrows clothes from her dad

Amelia Gray Hamlin borrows clothes from her parents credit:Bang Showbiz
Amelia Gray Hamlin borrows clothes from her parents credit:Bang Showbiz

Amelia Gray Hamlin loves to borrow clothes from her dad.

The 22-year-old model - who is the daughter of Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin - has revealed that she doesn't have any qualms about wearing her parents' clothes.

The brunette beauty told PEOPLE: "There's so many things in my dad and mom’s closets I can appreciate. I would never pick one closet [to borrow clothes from] for the day. I would have to style both of them together."

Amelia revealed that she loves to borrow the "chicer things" in her mom's closet.

She said: "From my mom, I mostly take the tighter, chicer things. I've definitely stolen my fair share of Versace."

On the other hand, Amelia likes to borrow more practical things from her dad.

She shared: "I steal (but put back) a bunch of my dad’s Calvin Klein white T-shirts and his Nike socks sometimes. He also has really comfy flannel pieces."

Meanwhile, Amelia previously admitted that she's been "really lucky" in her life.

The model acknowledged that she's benefited from the fame and success of her parents.

Amelia told W Magazine: "The way I grew up was an asset. I can’t sit here and deny that. No situation is solely positive or negative, but I do know that I’m really lucky."

Amelia also revealed that she plotted her own route to success by creating a dream board.

The reality star - who previously dated Scott Disick - shared: "We burned candles and played music and guided meditations while we sat on the floor, boarding for probably five hours. I know it sounds hoo-ha witchy, but I really believe in the power of positive thinking."