Amber Riley calls out 'fatphobic energy' following her weight loss

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Amber Riley has words for the people sliding in her DMs.

On Wednesday, the Glee alum took to Instagram to share a video of herself alongside the message, “[Ninja emoji] I've known for years falling into my DMs because I’ve lost weight…” She captioned the post, “Keep that same fatphobic energy player. Ain’t [poop emoji] changed over here but the scale. BIG DOT.”

The Dancing With the Stars winner, who recently split from her fiancé Desean Black, was applauded for the message in her comments section. Yvette Nicole Brown, who experienced her own weight-loss journey, responded to her post with, “Right?! They straight up act like we’ve taken off an ‘invisibility cloak’ or something. I’ve BEEN her playa! And you were uninterested. Keep that same energy and kick rocks!” Producer Keri Shahidi, mom of Yara Shahidi, added, “Never been anything other than FINE AF and a RAY of sunshine.”

Others shared their own experiences, with one writing, “THIS IS THE ONE!!! I’ve lost 60+ pounds and negroes been coming out the woodwork.” Another added, “Same! I be like, MIKE JONES, Back then didn’t want me, now I’m hot they all on me! Thing is when I was 300+ I was HOT!!”

Riley celebrated feeling confident in her body earlier this week on Instagram. In the caption of a video of herself sporting black bike shorts, she wrote, “There was a time when I wouldn’t be caught dead in shorts. Now I’m like, LET THEM EAT CAKE.”

In April, the star also posted a selfie of her working out at the gym, along with the message, "Don’t look for me at home. I’m boutta be OUTSIIIIIIDE this summah."

In an October 2021 interview with Yahoo Life, she shared of her journey towards confidence, “I think self-love is a journey and it's an everyday decision. I don't think it's a complete destination where somebody just sits in it and then they're confident all the time, they love themselves all the time. It's an ongoing journey and it's a decision that you make every single day.”

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