Amazon's Echo Show 8 Is on Sale Now for 25% Off – Here's How to Buy

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Need to update your home display system? Amazon has just the deal for you – and we've got all the information.

The second-generation Echo Show 8 hit shelves (and, probably more often than not, Amazon shopping carts) this past summer and the retailer is now running a limited-time sale.

If you act quickly by clicking here right now, you can save 25% – or a hefty £30 – to pick up the 2021 version of the all-new Echo Show 8 for only £89.99.

This second-generation Echo Show 8 has top-notch specs, with its 8-inch screen, front-facing camera, four in-device microphones and a built-in camera cover.

But, we know you actually want to hear about all of the goodies – and the Echo Show 8 has so many! The device is Alexa-enabled, so it can keep track of your important life events and even your top news sources.

The device has the ability to act as a one-stop control for the temperature and lighting for smart houses, and can also make video calls by keeping track of all of your contacts.

Its cameras can also double as a secondary security system, as it allows you to look in on a specific room when you're not at home.

You're also able to disable the microphone or camera with the push of a button for those times when you need privacy.

Photo credit: Amazon Prime
Photo credit: Amazon Prime

As a bonus, those taking advantage of this limited-time sales event will also qualify for a 60-day free Audible trial, where you can have your pick of the greatest works of literature or star-studded podcasts on your Echo Show 8.

To find out more information about the Audible trial period, click here for the full rundown.

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