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'Prefer over AirPods': These wildly popular Tozo earbuds are down to $15 — over 60% off

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These Tozo earbuds are a fraction of the cost of AirPods with nearly the same performance, fans say. (Photo: Amazon)
Hey, YOLO, so if you suffer from FOMO, don't be a bozo, get some Tozos. (Photo: Amazon)

Have you worn out your old earbuds — or, worse, accidentally laundered them? If you're looking for a replacement, you don't have to splurge on AirPods to get excellent quality; in fact, you can pick up a pair of earbuds from a brand that some people actually "prefer over AirPods" for as little as $15. Tozo's A2 Mini wireless earbuds deliver superb sound quality at a fraction of the cost of those Apples. If you want something a bit beefier, there are multiple other Tozos — all affordable! — on sale right now.


Tozo A2 Mini Wireless Earbuds

Save $26 with coupon
Incredibly lightweight and comfortable even after the longest listening session — take it from their 2,700-plus five-star fans.
Save $26 with coupon
$14 at Amazon

Said one shopper: "These earbuds have been great so far. Love the fact that I can use either one by [it]self without the other. Battery life is pretty good; I've only had to charge them once a week or so. Sound quality and noise cancellation are very good for the cost of these. Range is great too. I would highly recommend these and wouldn't hesitate to buy them again."

Another Tozo enthusiast opined: "The price and performance are unmatched, and quality is better than other brands I have tried. My wife even stopped using her AirPods in favor of the Mini A2s."

Never heard of Tozo? Thousands upon thousands of Amazon shoppers are beyond impressed — the A1s, below, have received more than 35,000 glowing reviews from verified Amazon buyers.


Tozo A1 Mini Wireless Earbuds

Save $13 with coupon
These Bluetooth buds are lightweight and the perfect size for people with small ears. With a flat shape that fits snugly, they're great for sports and exercise.
Save $13 with coupon
$17 at Amazon

Said this shopper, who bought the A1s for his niece: “They stay in her ears and produce excellent sound quality and a great price! … These are durable and high-quality. The touch features work great, she loves that she can control the volume and pause what she's listening to/watching without having to touch her tablet; this makes it easy to mount the tablet on the headrest so she doesn't have to hold it on long car rides.... These are great earbuds, especially for a first pair, because if the kids lose them or break them, they are not expensive to replace.”


Tozo T6 True Wireless Earbuds

Save $29 with coupon
Water-resistant and sweat-proof, the T6s are a slightly brawnier option.
Save $29 with coupon
$21 at Amazon

One of the shoppers who gave the A1s a five-star review was so impressed that he bought his wife the slightly more expensive T6s: “She loves that she's no longer tethered to the laptop... The earbuds are really comfortable and stay in place extremely well for her! …She used them to listen to music yesterday while out in the yard and said the sound quality is the best that she's ever heard. These give great all-around sound and have great bass, especially if you set your sources’ EQ properly! The touch controls are excellent! … The battery life is incredibly long — she uses these all day for work calls, only charging them for 30 minutes during lunch. The case she charges once every three days.”

Even better, he noted, is how durable they are: “She dropped one in her cereal while taking it out of the charging case. We turned it off, washed it with soap and water and wiped it dry, turned it back on, and it still works like new! These are very water-resistant!”

This customer said the “bass is punchy and resonant, high end is very clear and crisp. The mids may be scooped a little, but it's not bad.” He adds that they “sound way better than any normal wired earbuds I've owned, and not having a wire tying you to the phone is really nice when you're trying to listen to something and cook or do other tasks.”


Tozo T10 Bluetooth 5.3 Wireless Earbuds

Save $20 with coupon
With 8mm drivers, the Tozo T10s deliver superb sound quality whether you're listening to music, audiobooks or podcasts.
Save $20 with coupon
$20 at Amazon

As for the T10s, one user summed them up: "First, it's really hard for me to find earplugs or headphones that actually fit my ears. These fit right away, so I'm impressed. They aren't overly large and chunky like a lot of these things can be that make you look like you're about to turn into a cyberman from Dr. Who...The sound quality is great on them and so is the battery life. I've not had issues with them cutting out or any other audio distortion. I was pretty skeptical about getting something from a brand I'd never heard of. But these have been great, don't regret getting them one bit."

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping, of course. Not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

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