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Amazon sliced the price of this top-rated toaster by 45%: 'Perfect every time'

This sleek appliance has dual control panels, meaning two people can use it at the same time — save $46 and your marriage!

Mornings can be unpredictable, whether you accidentally sleep through your alarm or discover there's (surprise!) even more traffic than usual on your commute. One thing that is within your control? Enjoying perfectly golden toast for breakfast — if you have the right toaster, that is. As far as consistency goes, the Whall Four-Slice Toaster's earned high marks from Amazon shoppers, thanks to its six shade settings and dual control panels for satisfying multiple palates at once. Best of all? It's currently on sale. Maybe mornings aren't so bad...

This multitasker can prepare toast two ways, simultaneously — that's way more coordination than I can muster before noon. 

$70 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal? 💰

At $56 (down from $102), this is close to as low as we've ever seen this toaster on sale for — you're saving 45% with this Amazon deal. Similar toasters can cost more than $70, and in spite of its affordable price tag, it looks like a million bucks.

Why do I need this? 🤔

The first feature you'll notice about the Whall Four-Slice Toaster is its sleek stainless steel design, which will elevate any countertop. But a toaster is only as good as its functionality — luckily, this one delivers on all fronts.

Not everyone has the same taste when it comes to toast. Some like a lighter color, while others prefer theirs on the brink of being burnt to a crisp. The cool thing about this toaster is that it has two control panels, meaning two people can each toast two slices of bread to their desired level at the same time. Game-changer much? I mean, mornings are hard enough without your partner saying, You ruined my breakfast! And whichever setting you choose, the toaster's bidirectional surround heating technology helps ensure the entire slice is a consistent color and texture.

Some toasters these days are so involved, it seems like you need a computer science degree just to turn them on. Those super high-tech models aren't for everybody, but this one couldn't be more user-friendly. All you do is use the dials to select your ideal shade from one of the six levels, push the lever and wait for your bread to pop up. Or maybe you're more of a bagel person? The roomy 1.5-inch-wide slots mean you can brown those up in there too. There's even a dedicated bagel setting, as well as a defrost function for heating frozen waffles.

Bonus? Clean-up is a total breeze. Just pull out the removable bread crumb trays on either side and pour any remnants into the garbage. We'll toast to that!

toast popping out of a toaster
Is there anything as satisfying as hearing the 'pop' of the toaster letting you know your breakfast is ready? No, no there isn't. (Amazon)

What reviewers say 💬

Amazon customers praise it for its consistency, looks and ability to multitask.

Pros 👍

"The slots are generously wide," wrote a five-star reviewer. "We can fit [everything] from a slice of bread to bagels into them. It has saved us so much time and they come out perfect every time."

Another happy shopper, who described it as being "user-friendly," wrote: "You can do toast on one side and bagels on the other at the same time! The user controls are very easy and the unit looks great in my kitchen with all my other stainless steel appliances! A great value for the money and the right tool for making toast of any kind!"

"I chose this one because it had just the right amount of features (some toasters have way too many features)," shared an impressed user. "Best thing about it is now my wife and I can get our toast done simultaneously, each to our own desired doneness ... And it is easy to clean; stainless steel cleans up nicely and the crumb tray is easily removed for cleaning ... We're really enjoying this toaster — something I never thought I would say about a toaster."

Cons 👎

"Anything above a three setting might give you darker toasting than you prefer," heeded a fan. "I suggest starting with a two or three and then putting it down again if you want it toasted a little bit more." That said, they added, "My last toaster broke a few weeks ago. This is the fourth one that I tried. All three of the others, major brand names, toasted unevenly. Even to the point where one side was practically untoasted. This toaster though, works perfectly! It feels very well-made and has toasted everything evenly."

"I love the versatility of this toaster, but if you touch [the] sides moving it around, it leaves prints all over that are hard to get off," noted a final reviewer. "Very frustrated with this point. All else is fantastic, though." (Psst: Keep scrolling for a solution.)

Wide slots mean more toasty carb goodness, and that's never a bad thing.

$70 at Amazon

Stubborn smudges mucking up your stainless steel? Here's my secret weapon:

Those fingerprints on your kitchen appliances aren't going to clean themselves — but this popular spray will get the job done in no time. I find that massaging the spray into the stainless steel with a microfiber cloth using circular motions is the most effective when it comes to buffing out stubborn spots without leaving streaks behind. It trades headache-inducing chemical odors for a light lavender scent, which my migraine-prone self is very grateful for. I actually look forward to taking it out and giving my kitchen a spritz.

Check out my full Therapy Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish review for more. 

$20 at Amazon

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