Struggling to sleep? This top-rated mask 'blocks out light 100%' and has glowing reviews

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Amazon is selling a top-rated sleep mask (not pictured) for men and women to help you doze off at night. (Getty Images)
Amazon is selling a top-rated sleep mask (not pictured) for men and women to help you doze off at night. (Getty Images)

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Some people are blessed with the ability to doze off as soon as their head hits the pillow, and can sleep anywhere at any time.

But others may require a certain room setting when they are trying to get their forty winks, and can find it difficult to settle down at night when the street light outside is glaring into the bedroom – even with the curtains closed.

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However, thanks to the creation of sleep masks, your lighting situation shouldn’t be a problem when you’re trying to drift off.

We’ve found one with great reviews – this Sleep Eye Mask on Amazon – which claims to block out 100% of light in your surroundings.

Why we rate it

The Sleep Eye Mask credits its inner padded nose feature with its ‘100% blackout’ ability, claiming this ensures no light can seep through any gaps.

The 3D design is made from memory form and lycra cotton so it is not only silky soft on the face, as well as stretchy, but also lightweight and cushioning to ensure the wearer is comfortable in every sleep position.

Some eye masks can be uncomfortable if they catch or rub on your eyelashes, but this design features 3D contouring to ensure there’s no pressure on your eyelids.

The adjustable strap is a wide band, preventing the mask from digging into your head and providing a secure fit that will not slide off in the middle of the night.

The mask can also be worn when travelling or for meditation and yoga.

Plus it is super affordable and retails for £8.40, reduced from £9.89 on Amazon.

What the reviews say

The Sleep Eye Mask has received glowing reviews from shoppers, with more than 1,000 ratings. One customer hailed it the “best eye mask” for the “best sleep ever.”

Here’s what the reviews say:

  • “This is the best eye mask I have used to date. The built-up eye part is great and doesn't lose shape at all. I'm a side sleeper and I have windows on both sides of my bedroom. Very bright in the summer months. This completely blocks out the light. I can open my eyes and it doesn't crush my eye lashes at all! I can't rave enough about how good this is. Buy it and enjoy the best sleep ever!”

  • “I am very impressed with this blinder, best one I had so far and I have one made of 100% silk. It is very soft and provides a 100% light coverage.”

  • “The material is very soft, and gentle on the skin. It really does contour to your eyes, so that you can actually blink underneath. As for being blackout - this is extremely effective so far. The material around the nose, feels like silk. You can adjust it to suit your own head size.”

  • “The lower part of the eye mask can effectively block all light as well as fits the bridge of the nose. It’s suitable to be carried for travel.”

  • “I have insomnia. Every little sound starts me awake and it feels like I haven't slept in years. I don't know WHAT it is about this mask, but I don't even need ear plugs while sleeping. The absolute blackout conditions with just the slightest pressure of the mask relaxes me, comforts, and finally conks me out for the whole night.”

Buy it: Sleep Eye Mask | £8.40 (Was £9.89)

Sleep Eye Mask
Sleep Eye Mask
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