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Psst...Amazon has a secret coupon page — save up to 40%

skin serum, headphone headband, robo-vac, storage bags, charcoal grill
With Amazon coupons, you can save big on everything from grills and robo-vacs to storage and skin care. (Photo: Amazon)

Super-savvy old-school coupon clippers can make an art form of saving money. And though you may think online shopping doesn't quite allow for the same form of self-expression, you'd be wrong. At least when it comes to Amazon, which has one place where you can access a veritable smorgasbord of coupons — just like thumbing through the newspaper in olden times! You can see what's available, search for coupons from your favorite brands and generally revel in the thrill of saving. Amazon's secret page of coupons is available to you anytime.

How it works

On this special page, Amazon offers up various discounts on things such as tools, pet supplies, electronics and fashion. (Get a load of the categories list in the page's left-hand column!) You can "clip" (aka click) the coupons of your choice, and the items are added to your cart for purchase — the discount is applied when you check out, now or later. Don't worry if you don't see the discount in your cart right away — it'll show up at checkout.

You can also use the search bar on the coupons page to hunt down coupons for brands you like. Above the list of categories on the left side, click "your coupons" to view the ones you've clipped; this is a great tool for comparing discounts.

The "Sort By" drop-down menu can show various groupings: coupons offering the biggest savings; based on expiration date; and the most popular "couponed" items.

Details, details

  • Coupons are only eligible for one item, which means if you buy three identical massagers, only one will receive the extra discount.

  • New coupon offers are constantly being added, so bookmark this hub and check it regularly for up-to-date savings.

  • Although you don't have to use your coupons immediately, there is an expiration date for each, so if you find something you want, best to get it sooner rather than later.

  • If you return an item bought with a coupon, the amount you saved might be subtracted from the return credit.

  • You can share a coupon on social media or via e-mail, so if you find a discount that a friend will love, send it their way (it won’t take away your ability to use it).

So head on over to Amazon's secret coupon page and scope out a slew of savings. But first, have a gander at these products we plucked from the latest listings — just don't forget to click the on-page coupon. Happy shopping!

Best kitchen coupon

It's almost Memorial Day — are you geared up for grilling season? If not, this 18-inch charcoal beauty holds enough food to feed seven people, and you can easily wheel it from the garage to the patio.
Save $11 with coupon
$98 at Amazon

"Good size for setting on the patio," wrote one happy griller. "Does a great job of charbroiling meats. It's very well made and assembly was a snap. I'm just switching back to charcoal from LP gas. I missed that unique one-of-a-kind charcoal flavor."

Best fashion coupon

Going on a trip? You'll want to bring this sleek companion, which will stop pickpockets in their tracks with its 5-point anti-theft security system. It includes safety features like zipper locks, and it's cute to boot!
Save $8 with coupon
$47 at Amazon

One frequent flyer wrote: "I love this purse for traveling. When I first purchased it, I was preparing for a trip to countries that are know for pickpockets. Before traveling, we were warned to take extra care to not fall prey to the many ways you can lose your money, credit cards and, even worse, your passport! This purse with the zipper locks kept everything secure and I returned without losing anything!"

Best car coupon

Upgrade your car seats with these covers. They fit over most seats and come in a range of colors. Just slip them on and enjoy!
Save $90 with coupon
$130 at Amazon

Shared one happy customer, "These seat covers are great. Fit like a glove and were installed in minutes."

Best personal-care coupon

Packed with brightening vitamin C and hydrating hyaluronic acid, this K–beauty serum works on all skin types to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, large pores and sun spots for a downright radiant complexion.
Save $6 with coupon
$19 at Amazon

As this glowing review(er) said: "This serum has my skin looking absolutely amazing. I have noticed a difference in the fine lines on my face as well as my pores. I have had multiple people ask me what I’m doing differently or had done because they have also noticed a difference in my skin. My aesthetician even asked what I’d been using because she could tell my skin had improved."

Best electronics coupon

Block out disruptive sounds with this headband, which is equipped with wireless headphones so you can listen to white noise, audiobooks and anything else that helps you doze off. It's also great to wear when working out!
Save $10 with coupon
$16 at Amazon

This shopper gave us an earful: "I love this headband! It is so comfortable to wear for workouts and to sleep in. The sound quality is great and the speakers are cushioned, so they don't hurt to lay on. The adjustable band makes it easy to find a good fit, and it stays in place well, even when I wear it to bed. It's made of a light, breathable fabric, so it doesn't get hot at night or during workouts.... It holds charge for a really long time and, best of all, it doesn't disturb my husband."

Best smart-home coupon

This powerful robovac pumps out an impressive 2,700 Pa of power to suck up everything from dust and debris to stubborn pet hair. It works on both carpet and hard flooring, and can run for up to 180 minutes on a single charge!
Save $130 with coupon
$300 at Amazon

One grateful pet owner wrote: "We have two big dogs and five cats. The fur in our house is out of control and it's a daily battle to keep up with that and the grass that the dogs bring in...Let me tell you that we love this thing. It maps out the house with ease. I'm able to select zones, rooms or the whole house to vacuum. It works with purpose and actually cleans like it's supposed to. After the job is complete, it always finds its way back to the dock and empties its bin. We have lots of furniture and obstacles, but it has yet to get stuck. This thing is full of features and has been a life- and time-saver."

Best home coupon

If you're in spring cleaning mode, these storage bags will make it easy to pack up all of your winter linens and layers. They're super roomy yet compact, and since they're see-through, you won't forget what's stashed in them!
Save $7 with coupon
$20 at Amazon

"I’ve only had these a few days, but so far they’re awesome!" said one five-star fan. "They hold much more than you’d think and they fit perfectly in my linen closet. I love the handles, makes getting them down from the shelves super easy. The bags are really clear so you can easily tell what’s in each bag."

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