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Amazon just dropped a boatload of bargains, including 60% off a Lenovo laptop

Spring into stellar sales on Amazon! (Photo: Amazon)
Spring into stellar sales on Amazon! (Photo: Amazon)

Spring just started and even with all the unpredictable temperature changes, we're powering forward for the sunny weather. What better time is there to revamp your living space than this season of new life? If you're starting your big overhaul soon, this week's Amazon sales have got you covered, with a ton of discounts on some of the biggest brands and most-loved products out there to help upgrade old favorites or treat yourself to something special. Keep on scrolling to spring into the best sales available on Amazon right now, and get ready to see those savings bloom.

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60% off or more

We've run the numbers, and 8GB RAM + 256GB hard drive + Windows 11 + 60% off = you've got to grab one of these. (Photo: Amazon)

This super-fast, ingeniously thin IdeaPad is on sale right now for just $375 at Amazon and stands as one of the biggest Lenovo laptop deals we've ever seen. It brings the power of 8GB high-bandwidth RAM to smoothly run multiple applications and browser tabs all at once, with fast boot-up and data transfer for just about anything you need to do, especially with the Windows 11 Home OS built right in. One shopper called it an "unbelievable value for the price," and you know what? They're right. So snap one (or two) up while you can!

$371 $959 at Amazon

  • Loveledi Portable Charger Power Bank (2 Pack)

    $20$99Save $79
  • Mamnv Robot Vacuum and Mop

    Save $79 with coupon
  • Whall Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

    Save $380 with coupon

50% off or more

knife set in block
The only kitchenware brand endorsed by both Julia Child AND Norman Bates. What more do you need to know? (Photo: Amazon)

Shoppers say this 15-piece set of precision Henckels knives actually makes cooking easier — and safer! They know there's nothing more dangerous than a sharp-but-not-sharp-enough blade. Aside from that ... “These are really nice knives. I’ve been looking for a while and wanted a set that was easy to grip and [doesn’t slip] out of hand. ... These are just what I needed, and at a great price,” wrote one kitchen warrior. How great? How does 62% off grab you?

$150 $345 at Amazon

  • ColorCoral Cleaning Gel Universal Dust Cleaner

    $7$12Save $5
  • KitchenClouds Anti Fatigue Mat

    Save $16 with coupon

Headphones and earbuds

White AirPods
Admit it, you've always wanted to be a Pod person. Now's your chance. (Amazon)

Lose yourself in the sweet sounds of your favorite music, podcasts and more with the one, the only Apple AirPods. Their stable, low-latency wireless connection delivers high-quality sound, and the included charging case keeps you powered up on the go, with more than 24 hours of listening time when fully charged. Active noise cancellation makes the world go away, so you can immerse yourself in music, podcasts or whatever makes you happy. This model is waterproof and sweat-resistant, and at nearly 40% off, the price simply cannot be beat.

$99 $159 at Amazon

$25 and under deals

white outlet extender
We'd like to put in a plug — eight plugs, in fact — for this ingenious space and sanity saver. (Photo: Amazon)

This ultra-slim extender turns an ordinary two-AC wall outlet into a six-pack, together with a USB-A port and a USB-C port — all surge-protected. At just over 1-inch thick, this 8-in-1 provides you more energy choices while taking up hardly any space. Customers like this one love the slim profile: “I have several USB outlet extenders around my house to plug in the increasing amount of devices that don't have a power adapter included. I like this outlet extender because I have a couple of outlets behind TV stands or nightstands. This lets me push the furniture closer to the wall without worrying about breaking the USB cables.”

$20 $25 at Amazon

  • KitchenClouds Kitchen Mat Anti-Fatigue Rug

    Save $16 with coupon
  • Sealegend 2 Pieces Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit

    $12$17Save $5


white air purifier
Breathe easy — the air is clean, and you're saving a bundle, too. (Photo: Amazon)

If you're an allergy sufferer, you know a thing or two about sniffles and sneezing. Fortunately there's an easy way to spare yourself those itchy eyes and scratchy throat: an air purifier. Amazon just slashed the price of the top-rated Veva ProHEPA 9000. Typically retailing for $167, this life-changing machine is now just $105 when you apply on-page coupon, meaning you can freshen up your home for a steal. This air purifier can tackle up to 600 square feet of space with three different speed options, and it even has a washable pre-filter that will cut down on how often you need to replace the main replaceable filter. "I LOVE this purifier," said one five-star reviewer. "I can tell when it is not in use. It really cleans the air. Filters are easy to replace...runs very quietly." They added, "Last summer we had terrible smoke from wildfires, so I ran this on a higher level. Our house stayed smoke-free."

$105 with coupon $167 at Amazon

  • Whall Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

    Save $290 with coupon
  • Eclat Skincare Pure Vitamin C Serum for Face

    Save $9 with coupon
  • Fivewan 24k Gold Under Eye Patches

    Save $4 with coupon

Storage and organization

grey storage totes with handles
A place for everything, and everything in its place. (Photo: Amazon)

Ideal for that twice-yearly change-of-season wardrobe switcheroo, these strong and stylish box-like bags have been keeping things tidy for over 6,000 five-star fans. They're made of high-quality, odorless, breathable, non-woven fabric to protect your clothes from dust and moisture, along with two additional layers of thick fabric for reinforcement and a see-through window in the front to allow you to see what's inside at a glance.

"I've had these for months now. I wanted something to hold old blankets, quilts, and out-of-season clothing in. They hold more than I expected. The zippers held up, and the stitching was good. It has a little clear window so you can see what's inside without needing to open it," noted one satisfied shopper.

$15 with coupon $42 at Amazon

  • Budding Joy 90L Large Storage Bags 6-pack

    Save $17 with coupon
  • Joyoldelf Sock Drawer Organizer Divider (2-Pack)

    Save $6 with coupon
  • Lifewit 90L Large Storage Bags 6-Pack

    Save $29 with coupon


smart tv
All your faves at the push of a button — or a call-out to Alexa. (Photo: Amazon)

Looking to upgrade your entertainment setup? The Amazon Fire TV 50-inch 4-Series 4K UHD Smart TV comes with built-in Fire TV, which can connect to your go-to streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and more. With the included Fire TV Alexa Voice Control, you can even go hands-free and control your entertainment with just the sound of your voice.

This Fire 4-Series delivers a crisp picture, vivid colors and top-notch audio, along with a built-in microphone on its remote. That lets you say things like, “Alexa, play something on Netflix” so you can discover a new film or show selected just for you. You can also ask it to check the sports scores, set timers and reminders and more — even when the TV is off.

$280 $450 at Amazon

  • Insignia 24-inch Class F20 Series Smart Full HD 1080p Fire TV

    $110$190Save $80
  • Sony 65-inch 4K X90K Series Bravia XR Full Array Smart Google TV

    $998$1,500Save $502
  • Toshiba 50-inch Class C350 Series LED 4K UHD Smart Fire TV

    $240$430Save $190


magnetic car phone mount
Lisen up...this magnetic phone holder is about to be the most useful passenger in your car. (Photo: Amazon)

Looking for a phone holder that doesn’t rely on sticky pads or suction cups? This clever option from Lisen safely secures your device to your car’s air vents using magnets. The six military-grade magnets built into it prevent your phone from rattling or slipping, no matter how many sharp turns you make. Oh, and in case you're worried, these have a closed magnetic field to prevent them from interrupting phone signals or harming your phone’s battery. Additionally, its hook-shaped mounting system allows for easy installation. You can simply remove it by unhooking the holder — and voilà, no adhesive residue!

$14 $17 at Amazon

  • Qifutan Cell Phone Holder for Car

    Save $8 with coupon
  • Fortem Car Trunk Organizer

    Save $11 with coupon


cordless vacuum with attachments
You won't miss one inse of dust and debris with this baby. (Photo: Amazon)

Leave fussy cables in the dust with this cordless vacuum cleaner from the folks at Inse. It features an upgraded motor to provide strong suction on max mode, which means you can capture pet hair, dirt and other messes on hardwood floors, low-pile carpet, stairs, beds, curtains ... well, you get the idea; this thing can go practically anywhere. On top of that, it generates less heat and noise to give you a quiet cleaning environment, and it runs 30–45 minutes on standard mode after a full charge. “I purchased this vacuum a few months ago because the deal was way too good to pass up for a cordless vacuum,” reported one Amazon reviewer. "The device charges really quickly, works great for hardwood floors. It’s lightweight, and the various brush heads are super helpful and convenient for my small apartment!"

$100 $500 at Amazon

  • Tineco Pure ONE S15 Essentials Smart Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

  • Dirt Devil Vibe 3-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner

    $45$55Save $10
  • Whall Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

    Save $380 with coupon


knife sharpener and gloved hand
Better for your knives, better for your safety, better for your wallet. (Photo: Amazon)

They say that the sharper your knife is, the less you cry when you're slicing onions ... to say nothing of how much you'll cry in the ER after gashing your palm with a dull blade. If you've been crying a little too much in the kitchen lately, Amazon might just have the solution for you — at an awesome discount, no less. Get the Kitchellence 3-Stage Knife Sharpener for just $11, down from $30.

This gadget sharpens, fine-tunes and polishes each knife in three steps (which we'll call sharp, sharper and sharpest). It has an ergonomic handle for comfort and comes with a safety glove to prevent cuts. "I've had my poor chef's knife in a drawer, and over the last year it's gotten dull and has a small dent on the blade," said this satisfied cook. "I just got this sharpener in and used the three steps. And, I gotta say, I'm impressed. I managed to cut through paper after doing the three-step sharpening. It's like the knife is brand-new. For the price and ease of use, I would recommend anyone get this for their home."

$12 $30 at Amazon

  • Henckels Statement Razor-Sharp 15-Piece White Handle Knife Set

    $130$345Save $215
  • JoyFul by JoyJolt 24pc Borosilicate Glass Storage Containers with Lids

    $40$70Save $30
  • Utopia Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Skillet Set, 3-Piece

    $24$36Save $12

Bedding and home

Dryer hose cleaner going into dryer
It's like a Heimlich maneuver for your dryer ... and you know what a lifesaver THOSE can be. (Photo: Amazon)

If you're having dryer issues, the problem may not be your appliance — you might just have a ton of lint buildup going on in there. So, before you run out and blow hundreds of bucks on a new unit, grab the Sealegend Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit. It'll do just what its name says, and just may make your dryer run a lot more efficiently — and certainly more safely by preventing deadly vent fires from sparking.

Cleaning out your vents may even speed up your dryer time by up to 15 minutes! Not bad for 12 bucks. Reviewers like this one have attested to the Sealegend's usefulness: "I clean the lint trap out once a month with the vacuum hose extender furnished here. I also use the brush to help clean out my exterior dryer vent. It takes only minutes but helps provide peace of mind in helping to prevent dryer fires," noted a five-star fan.

$12 $17 at Amazon

  • Genteele Non-Slip Bath Mat for Bathroom

    Save $12 with coupon
  • Texartist Queen Mattress Pad Cover

    Save $4 with coupon
  • KitchenClouds Kitchen Mat Anti-Fatigue Rug

    Save $16 with coupon

Beauty and wellness

biotin shampoo and conditioner set
Nothing wrong with that biotin supplement you're taking, but Biotin shampoo will attack hair-thinning problems right at the root. (Photo: Amazon)

This shampoo and conditioner duo promises to thicken thinning hair with the help of biotin, hydrolyzed keratin, spirulina extract and several other nutrient-rich botanicals, all of which work together to give you a fuller, healthier mane. DHT blockers help prevent loss and thinning. It's even safe to use on colored hair! According to over 16,000 five-star reviewers, well, it just works. "From the very first time I used this, my hair was incredibly soft, shiny and my roots weren't oily at the end of the day!! I'm so amazed by this stuff,"said this object of admiration. "Three days into using this, a random stranger told me my hair was so beautiful and shiny. I was completely taken aback, since my hair has been dyed and damaged for years."

$30 $40 at Amazon

  • Waterpik Cordless Pearl Rechargeable Portable Water Flosser

    $50$70Save $20
  • L'Oreal Paris Magic Root Cover Up Gray Concealer Spray

    Save $3 with coupon


monokini swimsuit in teal
It's so good at hiding over-conspicuous flesh, this woman disappeared altogether! (Photo: Amazon)

Has your hunt for the ultimate flattering summer swimsuit begun? We're about to end it for you: The Amazon favorite Hilor Women's Crossover Monokini swimsuit is on sale now from $25. This cute little number is special for a few reasons — it's one of those brilliantly designed items that uses optical trickery to make everybody look their best. With strategically placed sheer mesh stripes and design that shows off shoulders and collarbones, it deserves a place in the lightly populated pantheon of flattering-for-everyone swimwear. “After four kids and four C-sections, finding a swimsuit I feel comfortable in is a nightmare!” one now happy mom reported. “I am not quite plus-sized, but in the middle of regular and plus-size, with extra mom pouch in the middle. This suit makes me feel AMAZING. I have not felt excited to put a swimsuit on since high school, and this suit makes me pumped! It fits perfect and is SO comfortable.”

$36 $45 at Amazon

  • Heathyoga Women's Yoga Pants

    Save $7 with coupon
  • Leggings Depot ActiveFlex Slim-fit Jogger Pants

    $17$29Save $12

Tablets and tech

This gadget corrals all of your acronym-ed connectors: AC, USB-A and USB-C. (Amazon)
This gadget corrals all of your acronym-ed connectors: AC, USB-A and USB-C. (Amazon)

This ultra-slim extender turns an ordinary two-AC wall outlet into a six-pack, together with a USB-A port and a USB-C port — all surge-protected. At just over 1-inch thick, this 8-in-1 provides you more energy choices while taking up hardly any space. Customers like this one love the slim profile: “I have several USB outlet extenders around my house to plug in the increasing amount of devices that don't have a power adapter included. I like this outlet extender because I have a couple of outlets behind TV stands or nightstands. This lets me push the furniture closer to the wall without worrying about breaking the USB cables.”

$20 $25 at Amazon

  • Apple 2021 10.2-inch iPad (Wi-Fi, 256GB) — Silver

    $399$479Save $80

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