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Only Amazon Prime members can score these 10 secret Memorial Day sales — save over 50%

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water flosser, earbuds, maxi dress, packing cubes, projector
Being a Prime member has serious perks. (Photo: Amazon)

An Amazon Prime membership brings you a world of benefits: free two-day shipping and same-day delivery options, instant access to movies on Amazon Prime Video, pharmacy discounts and Whole Foods delivery. You probably already knew that. But did you know that as a Prime member, you also have special access to secret sales? Yup, an Amazon Prime membership affords you entry into a hidden section of Amazon, a hub of "Just for Prime" sales that span categories. This special section is home to some of the best deals you're ever likely to see on Amazon or anywhere else. Check out our current favorite Memorial Day markdowns in Amazon's Prime-only secret sale section below. And watch this space for updates!

This cushy kitchen essential will keep your feet and legs comfy and supported during cooking marathons, while you're washing dishes and everything in between.
$16 at Amazon

"Love this mat, makes time spent in the kitchen less painful," reported one satisfied customer. "Really helps with back, knee and foot pain when standing for long periods of time while cooking. Also super easy to clean. I’m buying a second one for the laundry room."

Movie night just got a whole lot more fun, thanks to this mini projector that'll make you feel like you're in your very own theater. Its 240-inch projection literally allows you to watch your favorites on the "big screen."
$60 at Amazon

"I needed something that wouldn’t break the bank but had great picture quality, and this did not disappoint!" exclaimed a five-star reviewer. "The picture is crystal clear and the remote control makes it easy to use. Would definitely recommend if you are in the market for an outdoor projector!"

Why spend money on new knives when this affordable sharpener can transform your dull ones? Its four slots sharpen, repair and polish a variety of knives and kitchen shears, and it even includes a pair of cut-resistant gloves.
$11 at Amazon

"I had knives so dull, I had to push on them with a good amount of force just to cut peppers and onions," wrote one happy shopper. "Ten swipes through each slot, and they were cutting like new. Definitely would recommend this product."

Want to impress your dentist? This popular water flosser gently yet effectively cleans between your teeth for a fresher-feeling mouth. It comes with five replacement tips and four pressure modes, and it holds a charge for 15 days.
$30 at Amazon

"My dentist recommended that I start using a water dental flossing device," explained a verified customer. "I've been using it twice a day for around a month, and it's working out very well. I like that I can adjust the intensity of the water, since I have sensitive gums. It's easy to fill and I've never had any leaking issues. Best of all, it removes food particles I didn't know I'd missed, even after brushing, flossing and using a mouth rinse."

So long, fast food crumbs! This handheld vacuum effortlessly zaps up bits of dust and debris from the floor and seats of your car — or anywhere else — and it comes with brush and crevice attachments to target hair and small spaces.
$36 at Amazon

"I can't imagine a better vacuum cleaner than this one!" wrote a fan. "It's lightweight but the suction is very powerful. The brush head is perfect for cleaning the air vents, dashboard and seats. The long plastic tube can reach anywhere under the seats. I don't need to go to the car wash to vacuum my car anymore. So happy with my purchase. Highly recommended!"

With over 42,800 perfect five-star ratings, this top-selling dress gets an A+ for comfort with its soft, stretchy fabric and flowy design. Bonus: It has pockets (!) and comes in a whopping 52 colors and prints (prices vary).
$33 at Amazon

One five-star fan called it the "best dress ever!" adding, "I love this dress, and have purchased four in different colors. ... It's comfortable, stylish and very flattering. It's going to be perfect for travel ... because it's lightweight and doesn't wrinkle. It looks and feels like a much more expensive dress."

Save room (and headache!) the next time you travel with these space-saving packing cubes. They'll keep everything in your suitcase organized, and you'll be able to see what you stashed in them, thanks to their mesh panels.
$19 at Amazon

"Would buy again!" raved one Amazon customer. "Always was skeptical about packing cubes, but I wish I would have gotten some sooner. Great way to pack efficiently and stay organized throughout the trip. These have made it through a few trips and have done well."

Listen to music, podcasts and audiobooks the way they were meant to be heard via these lightweight, noise-canceling earbuds. They can go up to eight hours on a single charge and easily pair with your phone via Bluetooth.
$24 at Amazon

"Good quality," said a satisfied shopper. "These earbuds came fully charged. They fit very similarly to the Apple AirPods. Surprisingly, the sound quality rivals that of the AirPods. I am glad I purchased these."

This highly rated all-weather sheets set is meant to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and its soft fabric will make bedtime feel like a dream. It includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet and two pillowcases.
$16 at Amazon

"This is the 5th or 6th set of this sheet I have bought for beds in my house. I love them so much," said one shopper. "Best quality for the price, perfect weight for any season, soft, durable. I have had multiple sets of the black sheets for different beds, and despite washing them in hot water, they never seem to fade."

Whip up barista-quality beverages in the comfort of your own kitchen with this handy gizmo. It transforms milk into a rich, creamy texture in just 20 seconds and is conveniently travel-size. Don't forget the AA batteries!
$8 at Amazon

"Perfect!" exclaimed a happy customer. "Every time I use this for my hot chocolates, lattes and cappuccinos, they come out perfectly! The milk is soft and frothy, and it cleans beautifully, just press the button while the end is submerged in soapy water and rinse clean. Def recommend."

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