You will never lose your phone, car keys or TV remote ever again

Maisie Bovingdon
Shopping writer

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There is nothing worse than that panicked feeling; when your stomach drops, followed by a breakout of cold sweat, when you can’t find your phone, keys, glasses or TV remote.

Now there is a solution - the Tile Sticker.

American electronic brand, Tile, has created a bluetooth tracker, which will mean you will never be late to work, or an event, because you’ve spent hours trying to find the misplaced item.

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The Tile Sticker, which is available on Amazon in packs of two or four, is a small finder that can be attached to any item to keep track of its whereabouts.

The sticker can be paired to any smart home device, whether that is your phone, iPad, Google Home or Amazon Echo Dot, to help you track your personal possessions.

Simply attach the slimline waterproof tab, using the adhesive back, to the items, and download The Tile app.

Then, when you have lost your item you use the app to locate the object.

The app allows you to ring the sticker, which also works when your phone is on silent, and see where the object was last used and when on the map.

However, the item will only be picked up on the Tile app within 150 feet.

But there is no need to panic if your smartphone, remote or wallet is out of reach and can’t be picked up on the radar, as the app allows you to connect with other Tile users to help you locate your missing possession.

Plus, the battery life lasts for over three years, so you will never be without your items again.

Customers can’t get enough of the item, as it has received over 70% worth of five star reviews, with some branding the gadget a “life saver”.

One review read: “This is such a cool idea. I am forever misplacing my stuff. This sticker fits in my wallet. The setup is really easy and the app is intuitive.”

Another praised the size of the design, and wrote: “What I am most impressed by is how small these things are! as you can see in the picture next to pair of regular sunglasses, they are tiny.”

Tile have a vast array of other trackers, which have louder rings and come in different sizes.

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