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If you sleep in your jewelry, you need to check out these best-selling ‘nap earrings’ from Amazon

A few months ago, I decided to invest in a quality pair of stud earrings — ones that I could put in, leave in and ultimately not pay much attention to. I have three piercings in each ear lobe, and these are perfect for everyday wear, whether I’m working out and running errands or going out for a dinner date. The problem is that they sometimes, especially the ones that sit up higher on my ear lobes, hurt when I lie down on them to sleep at night. That’s why I was so intrigued when I heard about “nap earrings.”

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Nap earrings are essentially earrings with a flat back that screws on, like the ones they often use for piercing. Because the back is flat and isn’t pointy, they’re comfier to wear when you lie down and take a nap or sleep through the night — perfect for people like me who never take their earrings out.

If you need an example, Amazon shoppers especially love these Cubic Zirconia 14-Karat Gold Screw on Flat Back Stud Earrings by Renkovte Jewelry. The studs come in three sizes — 2-millimeter, 3-millimeter and 4-millimeter cubic zirconia — but they all have a flat, screw-on back that makes them comfier to wear. Of course, in addition to comfort, a flat-back earring is a bit more secure since you have to screw it on.

“They’re so cute and I get compliments all the time about how dainty and pretty they are,” wrote one Amazon reviewer. “They’re so comfortable with the flat back that you barely even feel them, and I can even sleep with them on. I have super sensitive ears but they are 14k gold so they don’t cause me any irritation and I’ve even showered with them without the metal getting discolored!”

I absolutely love these earrings!!” wrote another. “I stopped wearing earrings for years because of then poking me while I slept. This is not an issue with these, and they sparkle so much!”

The earrings cost $11.95 on Amazon for all sizes — yes, for real. They’re a great deal and an even better buy if you’re building an earring stack, sleep in your earrings or are just looking for a new pair of everyday studs.

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