8 Amazon buys that are definitely worth it

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8 Amazon buys that are actually worth buying. (Amazon)
8 Amazon buys that are definitely worth buying. (Amazon)

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It's no secret that Amazon is a treasure trove of goodies.

Not only do Amazon orders arrive in record speed (hello, same day delivery with my Prime membership), the site also means you can order just about anything you can think of with ease.

The only problem is working out what to order, right? Because the sheer choice can feel overwhelming if you don't know exactly what you're looking for.

Unless, like me, you are a seasoned professional when it comes to online shopping.

Over the past year or so, I have found some absolute humdingers on the shopping site, some of which I have used once and then discarded and others which I now couldn't live without.

So, I've rounded up the best of the bunch, the creme de la creme, to inspire you to make some of these purchases yourself.

Here they are...

8 Amazon buys that are definitely worth buying

1. QuiFit 3.78/2.2 Litre Motivational Water Bottle | £11.95

I've always loved a hot drink while I work, but struggle to drink enough water. So, I bought this motivational water bottle and it ensures I get in two litres every day, without it feeling like an overwhelming amount.

Plus, it's improved my skin ten-fold.

2. Keyboard Cleaner Universal Dust Cleaning Gel | £7.64 (Was £10.99)

My car is my dirty secret, quite literally, it's full of junk and dust, and I try to avoid showing it to anyone.

This universal dust cleaner has helped me keep in (slightly) better condition though, and means I can just push the 'goo' into all the cracks and crevices and leave my dashboard, my radio and my glove compartment looking much better taken care of than they are.

Plus, you can use it on your keyboard and all sorts of other places where dirt and grit get trapped.

3. Garden Genie Gloves with Claws | £9.99

Over the first lockdown I started gardening - I found it soothing in the moment and it helped me create a harmonious space to really relax in during the hard months of 2021.

These gloves were a game-changer: they mean I didn't need many tools, just my hands, they mean I can dig through dirt (which feels really mindful) and I never, ever get dirt under my nails anymore. Joy!

4. Mammoth 3 Wick Pillar Candle | £22.50

If working from home has taught me one thing, it's that a candle helps everything.

Feeling stressed? Light a candle. Feeling overwhelmed? Light a candle. Feeling tired? Light a candle.

The problem is, lighting a candle every day means you burn through them pretty quickly. So, I found a cheap and, crucially, huge one on Amazon and bought it in bulk.

I'm all good for candles until at least 2024, thanks.

5. Riccardo Materossi Premium 99.9% Blue Light Blocking Glasses | £12.97

Most of my days are spent going from a small screen to a medium screen to a large screen (aka my phone, my laptop and my TV), and I've really noticed the impact it's having on my eyes.

So, I bought a pair of blue light glasses and find that I get less headaches and also sleep better after a day spent staring at a screen.

6. 60 Sheets Week to View Planner | £5.99

An absolute must for anyone with a busy schedule (which is everyone). It brings me so much joy - and peace - to be able to plug in everything in my week and then see where my gaps are, where I can pace myself, where I'll need an extra coffee or where I might want to schedule in some extra me-time.

7. Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder | £15.90

I'm trying to cut down on how much coffee I drink, and so have swapped my second cup for a matcha latte instead.

This pure green tea powder is absolutely packed with antioxidants, keeps my energy levels more stable than coffee and helps clear my head - plus it makes me feel incredibly smug, which is always a bonus.

8. A Poem for Every Night of the Year | £13.37

Each of the poems in this book – together with introductory paragraphs – have a link to the date on which they appear.

Shakespeare celebrates midsummer night, Maya Angelou International Women's Day and Lewis Carroll April Fool's day, as well as countless poets and writers that you've never heard about.

Whether you just need a small, digestible piece of inspiration each day and can't face a novel, or are looking to discover new poets who speak to your soul, this book is my one recommendation to anyone looking to either get into poetry or refresh their love of it.

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