Amandla Stenberg's favourite cleanser is on sale for £7

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What do Scottish beauty YouTuber Jamie Genevieve and Hollywood actress Amandla Stenberg have in common?

They both use the same affordable cleanser in their skincare routines.

Amandla delivered all the goods when she shared both her skincare and makeup routine in a YouTube video for Vogue.

Not only that, but she also shared her technique for doing box braids at home, something that she learnt to do, during quarantine.

Glad someone did something productive with these months, unlike us.

Amandla's first step in the morning is dipping her face in a bowl of ice-cold water. Now, if you've been reading our beauty section over the past few months, you'll know that freezing temperatures are dermatologists secret weapons.

Hollywood facialist Kate Somerville makes all her clients contour their faces with an ice-cold spoon to help reduce puffiness and, just like Amandla, Margot Robbie's makeup artist, Pati Dubroff is also an advocate of dunking your face in ice to help tighten skin and reduce inflammation.

So clearly Amandla knows her stuff.

After plunging her face, Amandla explains that she is "pretty basic" with her skincare and only uses the brand CeraVe... a woman after our own heart.

If you haven't heard of CeraVe, it's an American, affordable skincare brand that is quite frankly INCREDIBLE. In fact, I would happily swap my entire routine and use solely CeraVe products.

For her cleanser, Amandla uses their Hydrating Cleanser (one of of my favourites), it also happens to be on sale on Look Fantastic for £7.

She follows it up with their moisturising lotion, which is also on sale for £7.

After her skincare routine, Amandla moves onto her box braids by first putting her hair into Bantu knots. The process quite literally takes her hours, but the end result is more than worth it.

Watch the video to see Amandla's full routine and shop her entire beauty checklist below:

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