Amanda Holden shares beauty treatment she credits for looking 'five years younger'

Amanda Holden has shared the secret to her youthful looking skin, pictured in January 2020. (Getty Images)
Amanda Holden has shared the secret to her youthful looking skin, pictured in January 2020. (Getty Images)

Amanda Holden has shared one of the secrets behind her youthful complexion, revealing the latest beauty treatment she has tried left her looking “five years younger”.

The 49-year-old gave the beauty treatment a shout out on Instagram. Revealing that she’s been having collagen wave facials to help smooth out her skin, the Heart FM radio presenter explained that the procedure gives her an “incredible lift”.

Following her therapist’s suggestion to try a new natural treatment called Morpheus8, the Britain’s Got Talent judge described the results as “absolutely amazing”.

“I’ve noticed a real plumpness to my skin and it’s much tighter,” she added.

Holden went on to explain she’d decided to share details about her skin secret in order to support the British beauty industry after lockdown.

“The beauty world has really suffered over the last six months with the many restrictions imposed on it,” she wrote.

“My glam team have been very happy to get back to work wearing their new PPE after months of being unable to work!

“So I’m more than happy to shout from the rooftops about how brilliant this new treatment is! It’s been the best hour investment for looking at least five years younger.”

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For those concerned that the treatment involves surgery, Holden clarified that it is actually a non-surgical procedure, but she did caution that your skin will be a little red afterwards.

“Due to micro-needling (it doesn’t hurt!) you will have red, shiny skin after the treatment,” she continued.

“This is totally normal for a couple of days.”

Many of Holden’s 1.5 million followers commented on her post to thank the star for the treatment suggestion.

“I have always wanted to try something like this,” one person commented. “I’m the wrong side of 50 and look it, but you my lovely look amazing as always.”

"Your skin always looks amazing," another fan wrote, with a third adding: “Well you are looking good as ever.”

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Representatives of the beauty industry also offered thanks to Holden for her support.

“How wonderful you are to support us all!! We had been totally forgotten by the government! Thank you!... and yes! We are all glad to be back to work again,” one wrote.

This isn’t the first time Holden has shared the secrets behind her youthful looks.

Earlier this year the radio breakfast presenter revealed her tip to get rid of dark circles and under-eye wrinkles, and we totally weren’t expecting her unconventional recommendation.

Listeners including Holden’s co-host Jamie Theakston were left open mouthed after the mum-of-two disclosed that her skin care secret is actually haemorrhoid cream.

As well as offering unusual beauty recommendations, Holden has been raising the nation’s spirits this year during lockdown and beyond.

Not only does she regularly get involved in TikTok videos with her daughters, Hollie, eight, and Alexa, 14, she’s also been keeping fans amused by performing everyday tasks in weird and wonderful outfits.

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First she slipped into a bikini to mow the lawn, as you do, then she put out the bins in a sparkly pink couture gown before returning to the garden for more lawn-mowing, this time in her wedding dress.

More recently, the radio host donned a dress made entirely of money to head into the Heart studios.

She also took a photo of herself wearing a thigh-high split gown by British couture label Jennifer Clair and stilettos for an “outing” in Richmond, where she proceeded to simply take a bin out.

The high-fashion moment was part of a trend where people donned their finest outfits to do household tasks, since nobody could leave their homes at the time due to lockdown.

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