Amanda Holden issues cheeky six-word question as she swoons over BGT act

The Messoudi Brothers certainly turned up the heat on Britain's Got Talent with their sizzling juggling act on Friday 31 May, leaving judges Amanda Holden and Bruno Tonioli completely flustered.

The hunky duo had jaws dropping during their semi final performance, showcasing not just their juggling prowess but also their ripped bodies, as they stripped down to their Union Jack underpants just like they had memorably done in their first audition.

Amanda was particularly cheeky with her comments, playfully inquiring, "I'm just asking on behalf of a friend but if you were in the final what else would you take off? " To which the brothers humorously replied, "There's nothing much we could take off, it's a family show."

Not missing a beat, Amanda quipped back, "Well after nine o'clock it's fine."

She continued to gush over the act, saying, "You were so joyous and so brilliant. And there's always a sense of humour attached to this which is really important as well as the self irony. I'm gutted you put your dressing gowns back on."

Bruno, too, was visibly moved by the performance, dramatically pausing for a sip of water before exclaiming, "Ugh, very impressive! In many, many, many ways! I have to say, after that reveal no one is going to talk about the juggling," while lauding their act, reports the Mirror.

The Messoudi Brothers
The Messoudi Brothers

Viewers were left a bit hot under the collar and quickly took to Twitter to express their thoughts. One fan tweeted: "Why did the Messoudi Brothers spoil it by putting on those dressing gowns? " while another playfully commented: "Bruno Drooling Over The Jugglers. Control Yourself Uncle."

Other commenters praised the brothers' juggling talents, with one fan saying: "I vote the Messoudi Brothers for the winners of #BGT, and for prime minister, president, & anything else," and another adding: "The Messoudi Brothers' act is super impressive, I loved the whole thing! These brothers are seasoned juggling/circus professionals with so much talent! Wow! Such a polished performance, so entertaining!"

Unfortunately for the juggling brothers, they left the show on Saturday night, with Alex Mitchell and Twixy sailing through to the final.

The Messoudi Brothers are no strangers to the spotlight, having showcased their talents across the globe. They've graced stages from Arab's Got Talent and America's Got Talent in 2019, to Italy's Tu Si Que Vales.

In 2020, they reached the finals of the German version, popped up in the French competition, and most recently wowed audiences on Australia's Got Talent in 2022. Last year, they continued to dazzle, this time on Spain's Got Talent: All-Stars.