Amanda Gorman 'Receives' An Invaluable Pep Talk From Hillary Clinton And Nancy Pelosi

Ata Owaji Victor
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Photo credit: . - Getty Images


Acclaimed poet Amanda Gorman reportedly has received some invaluable advice from former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

During a virtual Q&A with the two policial trailblazers for International Women's Day on Monday, which the 23-year-old moderated alongside TV host Chrissy Teigen - Gorman asked the feminist heavyweights for advice on her burgeoning career, Deadline reports.

'I have some interest in the public sphere and I wanted to ask "What advice would you give your 23-year-old self or me?"' questioned the inaugural poet.

In response to the question, Pelosi answered: 'When women are thinking about what path they may take, they should feel very confident about who they are and chalk up their experiences, whether they were positive or negative, as a plus. And if they have any questions about it, they should be inspired by you.

'I believe that the arts are what are going to save our whole society.'

The former US Secretary of State and founder of the Clinton's Onward Together Committee credited Gorman's 'gift', noting: 'You have the ability to express aspirations and give people voice that they didn’t know they had, and good leadership does that.

'So if you follow through with your goal of running for president, you can take every day and think about how you can use your gift to try to lift up other people so they know that they are not alone.'

Photo credit: Rob Carr - Getty Images
Photo credit: Rob Carr - Getty Images

During the video call, Gorman also relayed questions from audience members, including one that involved her asking whether Clinton and Pelosi had any advice on how to deal with 'the men when you're getting a seat at the table?'

In response to the question, Pelosi commented: 'I know every woman has had this experience — Hillary can attest to it. You're at a table. You make a suggestion to people, later the same suggestion comes out of the mouth of a man and people say, "What a great idea", and you said, "Well, I just said that two minutes before".

'I decided that the reason that happens is because they didn't really listen when women spoke. They didn't even hear it. They don't listen.' She then joked: 'It's a lot different when you have the gavel!'

Clinton's response emphasised the importance of sisterhood in the work force, adding: 'I really encourage other women to repeat what one woman said. So for example, if I’m at a table with Nancy — it doesn’t happen anymore because she is the speaker with the gavel — but in the old days, if she were to say, what about, what about, I think you jump in and you say, "I think that is a really good point that Nancy’s making. What do you all think?" You sort of force the attention to the woman who is speaking.'

The event, which worked as fundraiser for Clinton's committee and Pelosi's political group PAC to the Future - both of which support Democratic female candidates - had more than 6,000 participants.

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