Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael are 'staying together'

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Amanda Bynes has resolved her row with her fiance credit:Bang Showbiz
Amanda Bynes has resolved her row with her fiance credit:Bang Showbiz

Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael are "staying together".

The 'Hairspray' actress took to Instagram in the early hours of Thursday (28.04.22) morning to claim her fiance had relapsed on drugs, and he subsequently called police due to their row, though Amanda had left their home by the time officers arrived.

Amanda has now apologised for her comments and insisted she was "wrong".

She told E! News: "I thought Paul relapsed, but I was wrong.

"He drug tested for me from a drug test kit I bought from CVS. The drug test was negative for all substances. Paul and I are staying together. I am so sorry for the confusion I caused."

Amanda also explained the row had occurred after she misunderstood something Paul had been looking up online.

She added: "I misunderstood what Paul looked up online, it was 'MILFs' in the search engine, and that brought up other content."

Paul stressed his sobriety and insisted he and the 'She's The Man' star have "worked it out".

He said in a statement: "I am now sober from a relapse that may have happened long in the past but I am not using now. I drug tested and it was negative. The drug test was clean. The relapse was not any significance or a controlled or illegal substance. I am clean for many years. I called the police to collected my belongings that I needed. I have worked it out with her. We're together and moving past this moment."

Police confirmed they had visited the home of the couple - who met at a sober living facility in late 2019 - but no arrests were made.

A Los Angeles Police Department spokesperson said: "Officers responded to a call about a verbal dispute around 2:30 in the morning. They met and spoke with both parties and stood by as one of the parties gathered their belongings and left the location. No arrest was made."