Amanda Bynes interested in TV return

Amanda Bynes could return to TV credit:Bang Showbiz
Amanda Bynes could return to TV credit:Bang Showbiz

Amanda Bynes is "very interested" in appearing in a 'What I Like About You' reboot.

The 36-year-old star portrayed Holly opposite Jennie Garth as her older sister Valerie in the CW series, which ran from 2002 to 2006, and although Amanda - who graduated from California’s Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in 2019 - isn't particularly interested in returning to acting after more than 10 years away, she thinks it would be a "great experience" to bring back the programme and work with the blonde beauty and their co-star Leslie Grossman again.

She told TMZ: "I miss them and would love to work with them again. I don't miss acting but I loved this show, so I'd be down to return to acting for this revival. It would be a great experience to continue the show."

Amanda's comments come after Jennie recently expressed her own interest in reviving the show, but only if the 'She's The Man' star - who quit acting in 2010 - was interested too.

She said: “I’ve learned that you never know, you know what I mean? Never say never,. I would want to do the show with Amanda. I would just want to make sure she was in a place where she wanted to do it...

"[It's] something I'm definitely looking into."

And the 50-year-old star said she had spoken to Leslie about the idea, and she would also "love to revisit" the coming-of-age saga.

When they weren't filming the show, Jennie and Amanda "were like sisters" off screen too.

The 'Beverly Hills 90210' actress added: “Our birthdays are actually on the same day in real life. And so we’re thinking we’re connected in a weird way."