"I Always Cringed At Couples Who Did It": People Are Revealing The Thing They Said They Would Never Do But Ended Up Loving, And I Co-Sign Every Single One

Sometimes, we swear up and down that we'll never do a particular thing until... we actually do it and end up loving it. So when Reddit user u/dkf_ asked: "What’s a thing you said you’d never do but ended up doing and liking?" close to seven thousand people provided their answers. Here's what some of them said below.

1."Gardening. It seemed like a boring old people's hobby to me. I guess I'm old now because I love it."

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2."Installed a bidet. Can’t live without it now."


"Ever since Japan, I have installed a bidet in every house I live in. My parents have bidets. My siblings. I even carry a portable bidet when I'm on the move.

I will always have a clean booty hole."


3."Play games. As a kid, I was so against the idea and considered myself better for not consuming games. Now, I understand that I was an asshole."

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4."Repairing my clothes. I used to throw out everything that had even the smallest scratch or rip on it. Now, I try to care for my things."


"I grew up on a farm, which, as you can imagine, is hell on jeans. I used to tear the crotch out of every pair, along with some knees and other random spots that would get caught on stuff. I would take them to my grandma, and she would hand patch them, and they were always better afterward. I would wear those pants until the original jean material was falling apart around the patches. It made me sad when my last pair was beyond saving, and Grandma isn’t here anymore to patch up my current ripped jeans."


5."Run a half marathon. I was a pack-a-day smoker and heavy drinker. I got on a bit of a health kick, ran my first ever 5k in 2019, progressed very quickly, and now have run over a dozen ultramarathons up to and including the 100-mile distance. A half marathon is now pretty regularly an easy training run. I fucking love it."

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6."Liking a job without a career plan. I can’t get any promotions, I’m stuck in my category unless I get a degree (not gonna happen, I’m 45), but I love it. Almost no responsibilities, pay is on time (only half decent), and 7-hour shifts are great."


7."Cosplaying! People make it look super weird, but once, I went to a con for the first time and saw everybody all dressed up, in groups, in duos. It was SO COOL. It's literally the perfect way to find people with your interests. Like, I get to dress up, meet people who enjoy my interests, and LOOK LIKE THEM, TOO. People call all of that weird and cringe!? People really hate happiness!!!"

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8."Wearing Crocs. Made fun of my wife until she bought me a pair, and now, I wear them almost daily."


9."Buying a minivan. Having doors that open like magic and not having to worry about kids flinging them into anything else is wonderful — and the space inside is just glorious! I hate that I loved my van!"

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10."I once said to my wife, 'I’ll never have a boss again!' (After I’d successfully built a nice business.) After eight years, my business faltered, and after much stress and heartache, I applied for a job. I got hired and was made redundant after 18 months. I got another job, and I’ve been there for the past 18 months, and I couldn’t be happier. It's far less stressful. I have a regular (very good) income, and I still do some consulting on the side in the same field as my old business. So life is so much sweeter now that I have a boss."


11."Use pet names with a spouse. I always cringed at couples who did it, but my girl and I exclusively call each other monkey. Lol. Not even in any tone. It's the name to which we both knee-jerk react. It’s funny because I'm sure it’s cringe to someone listening, but they, too, will complete the cycle, haha."

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12."Enjoying horror comedies. I thought they would largely fail on both fronts, but there are a fair few fun ones. Some of my favorites include Cemetery Man, Re-Animator, Hausu, Eating Raoul, Gremlins, Delicatessen, and Little Otik.


13."Crochet. I'm terrible at knitting, so I figured crochet would be the same. I find it much easier, and it's generally faster, which is an important cause of my ADHD."

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Is there something you said you would never do but actually ended up liking it? Tell us what it is and why in the comment below.