We almost didn't recognise Mindy Kaling with her '90s supermodel blowdry

When I saw this latest picture of Mindy Kaling I had two thoughts. The first being that her Office character Kelly Kapoor would be screaming and the second that I need to try heated rollers again.

Without a doubt, my favourite hair trend of the past few years has been the revival of the '90s bombshell hair. You know the volume and the quiff look that Cindy Crawford is synonymous with? Yeah, that.

Everyone from Khloe Kardashian to Jennifer Lopez has got on board and now it's Mindy's turn thanks to her hairstylist Marc Mena.

Marc styled Mindy's impossibly glossy hair into a sleek but volumised blowdry, complete with those '90s flippy layers I try so hard to recreate myself.

It's giving me updated Pamela Anderson vibes in the best possible way and it's a totally different look to the one we're used to seeing Mindy wear.

If you can get over the hair, wait until you see the makeup because Ernesto Casillas (who was also responsible for Gwen Stefani's latest '60s inspired look) absolutely killed it with the perfect '90s brown tones.

Just look at the brown glossy lip. When I tell you I never want to see a pink or red shade ever again after seeing this, I mean it.

Not to mention her fluttery lashes, perfectly groomed arches and luminous but mattified skin. If Mindy's New Year's resolution was the same as Kelly's, this is most definitely the way to get more attention.

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