Allison Williams From Girls Taking Beauty Tips From Kate Middleton?


Allison Williams as Kate Middleton

It’s Friday and we’ve got that weekend feeling but there’s one thing we just wanted to raise with you beauty peeps first. Now, for those of you that watch Girls (and if you don’t, then why the heck not!), you might have noticed that Allison Williams is basically like a K-Middy double. You know, that glossy royal-esque mane, perfect black eyeliner, those perfect dark brows and that whiter than white smile – one quick glimpse and you would totes think it was the DoC. And whilst Allison is top on our girl-crush list at the mo, we can’t help but think she’s taking hair and beauty notes from our very own Duchess.

Now, you all know that we’ve long been fans of Kate’s amazing hair because we never shut up about it. It’s long, shiny and always in fabulous condition, so it’s hard to believe that anyone could top it. But today we have been faced with this tricky dilemma because Allison’s impeccable locks are fast becoming our firm favourite. You better watch out K-Mid, you wouldn’t want one of the Girls stealing your hair crown now would you…

The plot thickens: just as we’d had these thoughts in our head about Allison and the Duchess being twin-like, something very interesting happens. Allison appeared on Wednesday on the Jimmy Kimmel show as, wait for it, Kate Middleton! Yep, doing a spoof video alongside Jimmy who plays a very comical Prince William, the actress makes an uncanny resemblance to the DoC. Ha - we knew there was something to this! On further research we’ve actually found out that it’s not the first time either – she made another Kate video a while back too in which she looks and acts like Kate, so perhaps she really is modelling herself on the Duchess. And specualtion at Grazia Towers is that maybe she's hoping to win over Prince Harry now that he’s back from the front line. Oh and we reckon she must have read our feature about Kate's top tips too since she's working the look so flawlessly. Well Allison, top marks to you for copying our Duchess to well...

Scroll through our gallery of Allison/Kate look-a-likes...

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