Alison Hammond stars as a formidable countess in Sainsbury’s Christmas advert

Alison Hammond stars in “Once Upon A Pud” (Sainsbury’s)
Alison Hammond stars in “Once Upon A Pud” (Sainsbury’s)

Sainsbury’s has unveiled its festive advert featuring This Morning’s Alison Hammond, almost two months before Christmas.

The campaign, titled “Once Upon A Pud” premieres on Friday 4 November, and sees the TV personality take on the role of an all-powerful countess.

The advert opens with the image of a dragon flying past a grand, isolated castle as the narrator, Stephen Fry, proclaims: “In a far, far away land, a feast was being planned.”

Inside the royal residence, Countess Hammond is seen dressed in a floor-length gold gown, complete with statement collar, as her loyal subjects gather around her.

One by one, she is presented with festive treats from Sainsbury’s Christmas range, that will be served at a royal banquet.

The dishes include crab thermidor crumpets from the supermarket’s Taste the Difference range, and cider glazed gammon.

Lastly, a nervous young cook presents a traditional Christmas pudding, much to the dismay of the Countess.

“I’ve never really liked Christmas pudding,” she says, before blowing out the pudding’s blaze.


Onlookers cower and she orders the chef to “bring [her] something different...or else.”

As a medieval instrumental of Wheatus’ hit single “teenage Dirtbag” plays, the cook gets to work mixing ingredients, and even stealing a biscuit from an angry giant.

At the royal feast, the Countess and guests are seen enjoying a vast banquet of food before she rings a gold bell and exclaims: “It’s treatie time.”


Taking a deep breath, the cook presents his creation – a caramelised biscuit Christmas pudding.

The grand reveal is met with loud gasps from the room, as the cook has ignored the Countess’s request for “something different”.

But after a tasting a spoonful, the Countess asks: “Is that caramelised biscuit?”.

“Yes, Countess,” the cook replies nervously. “Mmm…that’s a bit of me!” she says, before breaking into laughter.

Laura Boothby, head of campaigns, at Sainsbury’s commented: “Food plays a central role in any celebration.

“We’ve focused on the Christmas pudding specifically because we know it’s divisive – people love it, or they hate it – and that’s why we’ve created the Taste the Difference Caramelised Biscuit Pudding.

“Pudding lovers can still opt for the traditional dessert, but those who aren’t fans can try our innovative take on the Christmas classic instead.”