Alien: Romulus' Trailer Just Made One Of My Biggest Nightmares A Reality, And I Need To See This Movie At Once

 Cailee Spaeny looks terrified while holding a pulse rifle in an empty hallway in Alien: Romulus.
Cailee Spaeny looks terrified while holding a pulse rifle in an empty hallway in Alien: Romulus.

The legacy of the Alien movies has always been one of pure terror and adrenaline. So when the 2024 movie Alien: Romulus hired Don’t Breathe’s Fede Alvarez to direct, I kind of had a feeling we’d be leaning more towards the former side of the equation. After seeing the first trailer for this upcoming horror movie, I clearly wasn’t prepared for what this man would bring to the table.

I say this because one of my biggest nightmares in Alien history has come true; and I didn't even know I needed this fear in my life. Have you ever wondered what an army of Facehuggers would look like on screen? Well, wonder no more, as 20th Century Studios has allowed the mastermind behind the 2013 Evil Dead reboot to run rampant and do just that.

On top of this terrifying scenario, there’s also a lot of vague promises of bloody, shocking body horror akin to Ridley Scott’s 1977 origin story. So needless to say, while I’m cringing and squirming with twinges of fright watching Alien: Romulus’ cast fighting for their lives in this trailer, I need to see this movie at once. Even if I know that Facehugger removal scene we saw in this footage is going to totally screw with my brain.

I know that most people fear the fully grown Xenomorphs most of all, and to be honest that’s valid. Alien has rightfully built its history of horror and pain on the back of that beastie, and I would agree that one of the things Alien: Romulus should include is some sort of unique design spin on this old foe. But those creatures need living hosts to come into the world, and Facehuggers are the vicious mechanisms that make it happen.

Once one of those critters locks onto your face, the majority of outcomes spell death for the organism under attack. Though Alien: Romulus does have a rather intense looking scene in its teaser, which shows someone potentially removing one from their own face. Even that moment looks absolutely horrifying, which is a tone that seems to be carrying over from the severely underrated prequel Alien: Covenant.

What’s even more promising about Alien: Romulus is that, in a recent interview Alvarez did with The Movie Podcast, he dropped this wonderful confirmation that the ride is just beginning:

My favorite shots are not there. Let's put it that way. Because I want you to see them that night, right?

Fede, I not only tip my hat to you and your efforts in terrifying audiences, but I think I fear and respect you a little more as a result. As an Alien fan, that’s practically a dream come true, as some of the best moments from this landmark series have been born from seriously nasty places.

You have time to prepare for the arrival of this next chapter of Xenomorph fueled terror lands, as Alien: Romulus won’t be landing in theaters until August 16th. Just remember that in a packed movie theater, everyone can hear you scream.