Alicia Douvall urges Katie Price to stop going under the knife

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Alicia Douvall has encouraged her Celebrity Big Brother co-star Katie Price to follow in her footsteps and ditch plastic surgery.

The former glamour model, who was on the celebrity reality show in 2015, has had more than 360 cosmetic procedures, including 18 boob jobs, 11 nose jobs, and bum implants - but she vowed to stop after her daughter Papaya was born in 2011.

And in an interview with The Sun, Alicia warned her former CBB housemate, who recently underwent a host of procedures in Turkey, to ditch the plastic surgery and accept she's getting older.

"I completely empathise with Katie because she's still in that industry," she said. "I think you have to turn your back on it to heal yourself, because otherwise I could have easily been in her shoes, chasing youth. I'm the same age as her.

"You get to that point where it's time to move on with your life. You're not a glamour model any more. You've got to wake up one morning and realise you're 43 and not 23. But some people cannot move on, and also, they can't accept getting older, and obviously that's where she's at."

She insisted that Katie, who has had many plastic surgeries in her lifetime, will be "so much happier" if she stops going under the knife, adding, "She doesn't need it. Quit while you're ahead. Grow old gracefully."

Despite quitting the procedures, the 43-year-old has admitted she will have to have Botox every six months for the rest of life due to a botched facelift.

"I have a muscle that doesn't work on one side of my face," she shared. "They cut a major muscle in my face during a facelift. It means I have to have Botox once every six months for the rest of my life, otherwise I dribble. It looks like I've had a stroke."

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