Alexandra Daddario posed totally naked, and fans went into 'melt down'

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Alexandra Daddario posed naked on IGTheo Wargo - Getty Images

While most people are diving into summer, Alexandra Daddario is hanging someplace snowy. The White Lotus star just dropped several pics on Instagram from her mountain holiday, including one where she’s totally naked.

Alex casually shared the photos over the weekend like it was no biggie. There’s the 37-year-old actress sitting naked on a bed with her legs crossed in front of her as she peers into what looks like a Polaroid camera. The photo is a little blurry, but it’s clear that Alex is seriously strong these days. Swipe and you’ll see several gorgeous mountain shots afterward.

She kept the caption simple, just dropping a snowy mountain emoji. People were all about it in the comments. 'And the internet melts down…,' one person wrote, while another simply said, '🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.'

This is hardly Alex’s only leggy moment lately. There was this one:

Aaand this one:

So, how’d she get so strong? She’s been pretty open about working out hard. Alex shared a YouTube video of herself working out with her trainer Patrick Murphy doing an as many reps as possible (AMRAP) workout, and she was not screwing around. You can see Alex doing circuits of side arm raises, TRX pull-ups, weighted squats, push-ups, hip thrusts, and more over the span of 20 minutes like it’s nothing:

Murphy shared with Women’s Health UK last year that Alex is all in during their workouts. 'She puts in the work and never looks for shortcuts,' he said.

But working with Murphy isn’t ~all~ she does. Alex told WH US that she loves hot yoga and acupuncture. 'If I do them back-to-back, it’s almost like a computer rebooting,' she said.

Alex shared some footage of herself doing downward dog and child’s pose in a yoga class last year, joking that she was 'earning peace by sweating in pyjamas.'

Alex also likes to take her exercise outside, telling WH that she feel likes 'my body heals faster and responds better if I’m in tune with myself and can be in nature.'

On the food front, the actress said she likes to whip up her own meals. 'When I'm at home or I have a kitchen, I love to cook,' she shared. Her go-tos are approachable, too: For breakfast, she’ll usually have a cappuccino alongside egg whites with spinach, fruit, and toast. Lunch could be a Beyond Burger or stir fry with chicken and veggies, along with an iced green or black tea. For dinner, she might enjoy a filet and pasta.

By the way, she’s big on cooking pasta dishes.'The other day we had leftover chipotle chicken, and I just threw that in some pasta,' she said. 'I just am obsessed with making all different flavours of pasta–to the point where my husband starts to be like, "No more pasta!"'

Sounds delicious to me!

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