How Alexander McQueen is helping the designers of the future

Amy de Klerk
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From Harper's BAZAAR

Alexander McQueen has announced a new initiative which will support the designers of tomorrow. As part of the fashion house's education programme, which was introduced by creative director Sarah Burton, up-and-coming designers will have the opportunity to use fabrics from the atelier.

The brand will donate surplus luxury fabrics to students at fashion colleges across the UK, who are in much need of these expensive materials.

"The ethos at Alexander McQueen means that everything we use in researching and designing collections has always been archived and stored," Burton said in a press release. "We’ve never thrown anything away."

Photo credit: Kristy Sparow - Getty Images

The fabric donation service is a practical extension of McQueen's education programme, which the house set up in January of last year at its Bond Street store. Here, they hold installations, workshops, illustrations and talks for fashion students.

"It’s inspired all of us, and reminded me of being a student, and how tough it is when you can’t afford to buy fabric for your final collection. I was so lucky because when I first worked at McQueen, Lee helpedme source fabrics for my final collection. It’s even harder today and at a time when we all feel precious resources must be properly used."

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