Alexa Chung says a red lip suits 'a classic look'

Alexa Chung loves a red lip credit:Bang Showbiz
Alexa Chung loves a red lip credit:Bang Showbiz

Alexa Chung says a red lip suits “a classic look”.

The ex Popworld presenter lets her outfit “lead” what her makeup looks like but she sports a “phone box” crimson lipstick “a lot” because its goes with much of what she dons.

The 39-year-old model told InStyle magazine: "It always goes hand in hand with what I'm wearing. So, makeup is never necessarily the thing I lead with, it's more in response to whatever I've got on. But if I'm feeling crazy, I'll put a lip on. Previously with Code8 I made a pillar box red lip, which kind of looks like the phone boxes in London. It's a very classic poppy red. So that's a color that I wear a lot because again, it fits into a classic look."

Alexa admitted she is “more inclined” to go for a dramatic eye at showbiz parties as lipstick can go a bit wrong when mixed with nibbles and is inspired by the HBO teen drama ‘Euphoria’ when it comes to hair accessories.

She said: "For nighttime, if I'm going to an event or someone's party, I'm more inclined to do a coal on the upper lid or a more dramatic eye. And that's simply because I like drinking wine and I like eating whatever else they've got around. And I've always got s*** in my teeth and the lipstick's moved, so it's just easier for me to approach it from an eye.

"I also really like hair accessories at the moment, like diamante clips or a Simone Rocha one. And for the holidays I am a bit more experimental. Even though it's a cliché, I might add silver glitter. I love a bare face and then silver glitter – that's my ‘Euphoria’ nod."