Alexa Chung And Lana Del Rey Are The Latest 'Who Knew?' Friends: PHOTO

Instagram is Grazia HQ’s guilty-pleasure. Where else would we be able to browse through the intimate snaps of Jessica Alba’s family trip to Tokyo or photos of Rihanna dying her hair from blonde to black? Exactly. And, if you loved that DIY photoshoot of Jaime King and Lana Del Rey in the singer's vintage Mercedez convertible (courtesy of Jaime’s hubby and a certain iPhone app), you'll love this latest photo of Lana and her new bestie, Alexa Chung. Who knew they were pals, eh?

Alexa Chung And Lana Del Rey Are The New 'Who Knew?' Friends: PHOTO

The style icon tweeted the picture at the weekend along with the caption, 'Pals' and don't they make a lovely pair with their matching dark locks and pastel nails? Perhaps Alexa snuck backstage at one of Lana's gigs or maybe they're such good friends, LDR invited Chungers round for a cuppa? Either way, we're fascinated by this hipster friendship.

In fact, we're becoming obsessed with many of the unexpected double-ups that are on the rise all over Hollywood. Ms Del Rey is a prime suspect for having seriously strange friend mash-ups (Axl Rose, anyone?) and we're happy to see she's buddied up with our Brit girl. We already know that Alexa is BFFs with New Girl’s Zooey Deschanel (we've fondly nicknamed them the indie 'It' girls of NYC) after Zooey posted photos of the pair’s New Years Eve celebrations on Facebook complete with fringes, bunny ears and fab poses aplenty.

We’re now all doodling the circle of unexpected friends. So Zooey is friends with Alexa who’s friends with Lana who’s friends with Jaime who’s friends with Elvis Presley’s granddaughter, Riley Keough. Phewf! And we’re sure there’s plenty more. Which unexpected celebrity friend mash-up is your fave?

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