Alex Scott defends covering Qatar World Cup

Alex Scott has said boycotting the Qatar World Cup would have been "the easy option".The 38-year-old retired footballer and TV presenter defended her decision to be part of the BBC coverage of the 2022 soccer tournament, in spite of the host country's human rights abuses of gay people, women and migrant workers.

Credit: @BBCSport Via Twitter

Video transcript

- I've had conversations about, I should be staying at home, I should be boycotting, and I thought long and hard about it. I think that for me personally, it would have been the easy option,

- Why are you here then?

- to do just that. Because I love my job. And when I think about it, sitting here and having the harder conversations. And it's bigger isn't? It we're talking about the migrant workers, we're talking about the LGBTQ+ community, we're talking about women's rights--

You think about four years ago-- I was thinking about this morning, I was the first female pundit for BBC at a World Cup. You think how far we've moved in four years. Let's hope, in the next four years at the World Cup, we are never having to have these conversations again.