Alex Jones' One Show interview with Nancy Dell'Olio gets awkward

Alex Jones' interview with Nancy Dell'Olio on The One Show was branded awkward after the Welsh host grilled the Italian on her cooking skills.

Credit: The One Show / BBC / BBC iPlayer

Video transcript

- Are you good at cooking though, Nancy? I imagine you get a lot of takeaway. I mean, I don't know, but I'm imagining.

NANCY DELL'OLIO: Well, I never-- this goes with imagination, because Italian, because from the South. But I-- that I spend a lot of time between America and London. So let's say, it's not the best room in the house for me. It's not on top of my list, my cooking.

- Right. I am so watching.

- Only you could get away with that, you know?


So you get a lot of takeaway. Anyway, no one else is getting away with it.

- I don't think it is.

- Unbelievable.

- Somebody needs to say it.

NANCY DELL'OLIO: Did I say something wrong?

- No, no. You're spot on. Just typical Jonesy.


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