Alex Jones cuts her own fringe live on camera before appearing on The One Show

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Given that salons have yet to reopen their doors since the start of the coronavirus crisis, it's fair to say that most of us are crying out for a trip to the hairdresser. And it seems like celebrities are no exception...

The One Show's Alex Jones decided it was time to take matters into her own hands on Tuesday (8 June) afternoon, as she grabbed a pair of scissors to tidy up her fringe before appearing on air.

Photo credit: @alexjonesthomson

In a series of short clips shared on her Instagram Stories, the TV presenter showed the live progression of her fringe cutting experiment with followers, captioning the first snap, "Lockdown fringe... How not to do it!!!"

Speaking to the camera, Alex pointed at her fringe and said: "This needs cutting so I've got hair scissors and I'm just going to go for it. I just hate this gap here so yea, here we go..."

Photo credit: @alexjonesthomson

The mum-of-two then got straight to work, carefully brushing her fringe down with a small brush before snipping away at it in front of a mirror. Her solo hairdressing experience appears to have taken place in her One Show dressing room right before her evening appearance.

Clearly nervous, Alex continued: "I'm just going to do it kind of on the squiff... Oh God. Oh."

Following several snips, she added: "Oh no, it looks weird already. Oh no, no, no."

Photo credit: @alexjonesthomson

Looking at her fringe in the mirror while holding up a stray lock of longer hair, Alex then concluded: "Oh God, I'm just going to have to carry on."

Alex showed off her newly trimmed fringe on The One Show later that evening, and we have to say we think she did an amazing job.

Photo credit: BBC

Looking great, as always, Alex!

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