Alessandro Michele: 'Gucci is the essence of fashion'

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Alessandro Michele believes Gucci is the "essence of fashion".

The creative director of the iconic Italian luxury fashion house has been discussing the release of the fashion film Aria, which presents his latest collection for the brand, to mark the company's centenary this year.

"I like to mix, mould and work different languages and after (the film series directed with) Gus (Van Sant to present the previous collection last November) I felt like celebrating 100 years of Gucci, which is not only fashion, it's the essence of fashion, it's life and its great strength is being so popular," Alessandro said in an interview with WWD. "Gucci is a film, a song, a world, a character from a movie, a pop star.

"(Gucci is) an infant that is constantly reborn and recreated. It's incredible how Gucci has gone through multiple lives and continues to be so popular."

The soundtrack for the video, which was directed by Alessandro alongside Floria Sigismondi, features a series of songs that pay tribute to Gucci including Rick Ross featuring Future in Green Gucci Suit, Lil Pump's Gucci Gang, and Die Antwoord and Dita Von Teese's Gucci Coochie.

Alessandro admitted he can't keep up with the number of songs being released that mention the designer label.

"We tried counting them but there's one or two new ones at least per week," he said. "But the name is so powerful that it deserves this... Gucci is like a magic word."

Alessandro, who became creative director in 2015, also compared the fashion house to a "puffing volcano" and has vowed to never "lower the tone of my tribute".