Alec Baldwin's baby son hospitalised following allergic reaction

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Alec Baldwin's baby son spent the weekend in hospital after suffering a severe allergic reaction.

The actor's wife, Hilaria Baldwin, shared all about the medical drama on Sunday, explaining she had to rush eight-month-old Eduardo to the emergency room.

"We had a scary experience where Edu had an allergic reaction," she wrote on Instagram. "I don't know to what yet, but it was one of those horrible moments a parent dreads.

"My kids don't have allergies, so this was a first. Doesn't matter how many kids you have, there are always moments that shake us, as there is no way we can prepare."

Hilaria also shared a photo of herself with her baby son on her lap, in the hospital.

"This was after he was better, the vomit on my clothes had dried, and my friend sent a pic to Alec (who is away working) to let him know it was going to be ok," she added. "I'm grateful to you, doctors and nurses, and other healthcare professionals. I won't mention your names here, but you know who you are, and I hope how much my heart is connected to your care and kindness.

"I was told that expediency in this situation is key. Don't wait to see if it gets better. If you find yourself in this situation - just go and reach for help. i love you my baby boy. mama loves you so."

Hilaria later returned to social media to assure fans that Eduardo was on the mend as she shared a video of her son playing with his sister Lucia.

“Better today... thank you for the sweet wishes and wisdom from your own experiences you have shared with me,” she wrote in a message to accompany the clip.

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