Aldi's Selling A Penguin-Shaped Hot Chocolate Mug Melt For Christmas

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Aldi's Selling A Penguin-Shaped Hot Chocolate Mug Melt For Christmas

Sure, instant hot chocolate is good and works well when a craving hits. But you can't beat a chocolate melt filled with a secret stash of marshmallows and chocolate drops, right?

And luckily for you, Aldi has brought back its sell-out hot chocolate melts for Christmas.

Featuring snowman, penguin and unicorn designs (the unicorn's hella cute), each hot chocolate melt is available in stores now for just £1.25.

As easy as adding hot milk and watching them melt into a luscious rich, chocolatey drink, each character melts away to reveal mini marshmallows and chocolate drops making the ultimate Christmas drink.

If that wasn't enough to tempt you into bulk-buying these bad boys, each hot chocolate melt comes in 100% plastic free packaging.

Race you to the nearest Aldi?

Aldi really is going above and beyond this Christmas. The budget supermarket has even launched boozy hot chocolate stirrers (yes, boozy). That's blocks of indulgent milk chocolate, complete with pipettes of alcohol.

Whether you're in the mood for amaretto or fancy spiking your hot choc with a nice helping of cream liqueur, Aldi's selling both for just £1.99 a pop and they couldn't be tastier.

Like any hot chocolate stirrers, all you have to do is add warm milk and, well, STIR. After a minute or two of lovingly stirring, you're left with a deliciously creamy mug of boozy hot chocolate. Top if off with some whipped cream and marshmallows, and you're good to go.

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