Aldi's New Limoncello Is A Bargain Spring Essential

If anything mentally transports us to the sunnier climes of the Amalfi coast, it's the zesty taste of limoncello.

The vodka-based lemony drink can come with a bit of a price tag if you want the good stuff, but Aldi have just released a new budget version of the drink that we're very, very here for.

Aldi's new Sole Limoncello is available in Aldi stores and online right now, and it has all the same fresh flavours as other versions of the drink but for around half the price. A bottle of Sole Limoncello costs just £8.99 (more money in the holiday to Italy fund, are we right?) compared to the £16.50 bottle from another brand.

aldi limoncello

Aldi says the new drink boasts intense zingy flavours of freshly picked lemons and hints of fresh herbs. Sounds like a total dream to us.

It's ideal for sipping ice cold and neat after dinner, or using in one of Amalfi's famous limoncello spritzes. They're super easy to knock up for an evening of al fresco drinking, and taste great alongside Italian nibbles like olives.

To make the tastiest limoncello spritz, simply fill a wine glass with ice, pour over 50ml of limoncello, pour over 100ml Prosecco and top with soda water. Garnish with a slice of fresh lemon and you've got yourself a winner.

While we do love a classic Aperol or limoncello spritz, there's another spritz in town this year that you should keep your eyes peeled for. The Hugo Spritz is going to be massive this summer, and if you'll need our guide to the floral drink to make the most of it.