Aldi's Fall-Inspired Mocktail Adds Apple Chips To The Party

Apple cider cocktail with sugar rim
Apple cider cocktail with sugar rim - Elena Veselova/Shutterstock

If you're searching for a mocktail that's both refreshing and perfect for the holiday season, then you've come to the right place — if you're at Aldi right now, that is. On October 24, the supermarket chain posted a video recipe to its Instagram account, and it's not just unique and easy to make — it's also clearly delicious. This is definitely one of the underrated holiday mocktails you should be drinking this season, and all thanks to one surprising addition: apple chips.

Even if you're not usually a mocktail drinker, this refreshing beverage comprised of Martinelli's Sparkling Apple cider, caramel apple sparkling cider, and a decadently sweet and festive rim might just change your mind. This is a refreshing yet dessert-like treat for kids and adults alike. Plus, there are plenty of ways to customize this mocktail so it fits your tastes perfectly. You can even spike it if you'd like to transform it into a nightcap for a holiday party (or even Thanksgiving dinner).

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Experiment With This Apple-Y Mocktail

Two fall cocktails with apples
Two fall cocktails with apples - A_namenko/Getty Images

In Aldi's Instagram video, the creator combines sparkling apple cider and Belle Vie caramel apple-flavored seltzer in a champagne flute, creating a fizzy, refreshing, and undeniably autumnal mixture. And Aldi clearly believes that cocktail garnishes aren't just for looks, as the creator adds a unique and sweet decorative rim. They then use caramel dip and crushed apple chips for a creamy and crunchy addition to the sparkling beverage.

This mocktail certainly looks festive and easy to enjoy. Still, there are plenty of ways to experiment with this drink to make it your own, from adding apples or cinnamon sticks for extra flavor and garnish to using different seltzer flavors. You can also swap out the caramel apple rim for a cinnamon-sugar rim. The possibilities for customizing this fall-inspired mocktail are endless, and it will surely be the perfect cherry — or, rather, apple — on top of any meal you're serving up this season.

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