Aldi's Bargain Egg Cooker Will Make Breakfasts So Much Easier

Anna Lewis
Photo credit: Aldi

From Delish

Poached eggs can be a very tricky thing to get right. Especially if your’e trying to do them first thing in the morning (and it’s even harder when it’s the morning after the night before, if you know what I mean…). So, thank goodness for Aldi coming through for us with this bargain of a gadget.

The budget supermarket is currently selling an egg cooker that will cook up to six eggs, and sound an alarm when they’re ready. So, no more standing over the hob waiting for your damn breakfast to be ready.

Photo credit: Aldi

The Ambiano egg cooker is currently on sale at Aldi stores for just £7.99, and it was available online until recently too, but word spread of this amazing gadget, and it’s now sold out, so you’ll have to hunt it down in your local Aldi.

Aldi’s website describes it by saying, “With three cooking levels you can guarantee perfect eggs every time with this egg cooker. Make your time in the kitchen as easy and quick as possible with this handy device.”

The egg cooker comes with:

1 x Measuring cup with piercer
1 x Poached egg tray
1 x Omelette tray
1 x Egg cooker

We first heard about this bargain of an egg cooker on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group.

A shopper spotted in store and said: "Brilliant for a household that eats a lot of eggs like we do.

"I'm using it at least every other day so worth it to myself."

Now, excuse me while I hot-foot it to my nearest Aldi.

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