Aldi's £8.99 ethical spider catcher launches in time for autumn

Photo credit: Aldi
Photo credit: Aldi

As autumn approaches, so does spider season. Wondering how to get rid of the creepy crawlies safely? Well, Aldi has just launched its best-selling spider catcher (£8.99) that will remove the creatures without harming them.

Available to buy online now, the Zero In Spider Catcher has been designed to reach corners and ceilings while maintaining a safe distance. With gentle bristles that don't cause harm and an extendable pole, simply squeeze the handles together to delicately hold the spider before releasing it in the garden.

The budget supermarket says: "The nifty device easily removes spiders without harming them and measures a handy 60cm, perfect for those hard to reach places and tricky corners. Even if you are scared of spiders, it's always nice to remove them without harm. The Zero In Spider Catcher helps to reach corners and ceilings, ensuring little creatures are caught safely protecting you and them."

Reviewing the spider catcher, one customer wrote: "Excellent quick way to catch spiders who are very frequently appearing in accommodation." While another said: "It's spider season and I've already removed about six big spiders with this. It doesn't kill spiders so you can just drop them outside."

If you're looking for another natural spider repellent, the experts recommend planting basil, lavender, mint, rosemary and chrysanthemums. Famed for their strong scent, these flowers will naturally repel any unwanted spiders without harming them.

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