Aldi is selling an inflatable paddle board for under £200 this summer

Photo credit: Aldi
Photo credit: Aldi

Good news for outdoorsy types: budget supermarket Aldi has released a new stand-up inflatable paddle board on its website.

Retailing at just £199.99, it’s a very reasonably priced option. Similar inflatable models are usually priced around the £300 mark, while top of the range boards typically cost around £1,400, so this makes a great value investment.

The 10ft long model comes with a paddle, a pump, a carry bag and a safety bag to help keep your valuables secure and dry. A removable seat helps boarders glide across the water in comfort on longer treks.

People have been paddle boarding for thousands of years, but the modern iteration we enjoy today was created in Hawaii in the 1900s. The outdoor water sport became increasingly popular during the pandemic, as people began to appreciate spending more time outside. It’s a fun low-impact form of exercise and makes a great way to improve your core strength and balance.

Aldi’s paddle board is inflatable, so you won’t need a roof rack on your car to take it with you on holiday, like you might with a solid model. It can be deflated and rolled up tightly, meaning it can easily be stored in the car or in with your luggage if you’re going abroad.

So, whether you’re preparing for a fun outdoorsy trip, or would just like to take a soothing jaunt down your local canal, a paddle boarding session is a lot of fun for people of all fitness levels. Pick up one of Aldi’s stand-up inflatable paddle boards on its website right now.

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