Aldi Is Selling An Ice Cube Maker And It's Not A Want, It's A NEED!

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There's nothing worse than craving an ice-cold drink and being met with an empty ice tray. Outrageous behaviour! But, that can easily be resolved. How, might you ask? Ice Cube Machines.

Yep, they actually exist. And let's just say, they're about to change your drinking habits, forever. Oh, and did we mention that Aldi is selling one?

Introducing Aldi's Ambiano Ice Cube Maker.

Promising to keep your drinks "chilled, cool and refreshing," this ice maker is the ultimate way to stay cool this summer.

Complete with a removable basket and ice scoop, this machine makes ice in a matter of minutes (7-8 minutes, to be exact). And even comes with a self-cleaning function, so that you've always got fresh, delicious-tasting ice on tap.

What's more, you can choose between two ice sizes (small or large).

If this isn't the most necessary summer investment, we don't know what is!

Aldi's Ambiano Ice Cube Maker is available exclusively online now, for just £79.99.

Building an at-home bar? Then Aldi's Vitinni Party Cooler should be your next purchase.

Brand-new to Aldi's website, this cooler promises to keep your drinks chilled all season long. It comes complete with two side tables, inner and outer basket storage, as well as four wheels and a handle for portability. Oh, and it has a 50 litre capacity (that's a lot of room for drinks).

Aldi's really pulling out all the stops this summer!

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